Monday, April 17, 2017

An Actual Manic Monday

People hate Mondays.  There are articles, analysis, and endless internet memes.

I've never really disliked Monday.  And for the past fourteen years, my job really doesn't have a Monday since I'm not a Monday through Friday worker.

Today started with my Weight Watchers meeting.  Yes, I'm trying AGAIN, and yes, I lost weight this week. Yay, me!  Ed dropped my mother and me to the meeting, ran a few errands and then came back to get us for lunch.

This is where my Monday became in internet meme Monday.

On our way home from our afternoon outing, we were sitting in traffic behind a city bus when BAM! we were rear-ended.


Ed was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and my mother was in the seat behind me. She and I were so violently whipped forward that we both immediately felt the ache.  I had my head turned sideways so I totally tweaked my neck, and my back felt as if I did a backbend - which is not humanly possible in my world.

My mother said she felt like she was lifted from her seat, high into the air (her words), and then slammed back down into the seat.  Her knees got a bit crushed since they were right up against the back seat and one had a small abrasion on it.  She also hit her forehead on the back of my headrest and just kept saying she was glad she didn't break her nose.  She's lived 75 years with that Italian nose, a little bump in a car wreck wasn't going to take her out now.

There were no serious injuries, including the 23-year-old girl who hit us, so we are thankful for that. I poked my head in to see if she was okay and she said she looked down for a minute to change the radio station and when she looked up, we were there.  I think she was likely on her phone because a) it was in her hand, and b) the radio wasn't even on.  The front of her car was smashed, fluids leaking everywhere. I'm actually glad we were in the pickup truck because the six feet of bed really absorbed the impact.

After the accident, we headed to the emergency room to get checked out.  Our insurance lady thought it was a good idea, my friend thought it best to have any discomfort documented, and my mother is older and things like this can cause problems later and since her head and knees were hurting, I thought it was a good idea.  That was another three-hour ordeal.

The worst part abut the whole day?

We were getting our discharge paperwork when the clerk said to my mother, "Your co-pay is seventy-five dollars," then turned to me and said, "and yours is four hundred."  FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!  That injured me.  WTF???

I was shocked.  Four hundred dollars.  This is new insurance which I haven't used for a doctor visit, let alone an emergency room visit.  I never even looked at my insurance card, where I later discovered the co-pay clearly written.  Emergency Room:  $400.00, Urgent Care:  $50.00.  They're fucking crazy.  At least I know where I'm going next time.

So that pretty much summed up the day.  Couldn't get much worse.

But then again, who knows.  It is Monday, right?

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Belledog said...

Glad you're OK. I hope the 23-year old did a world of expensive damage to her car. Would guess she was on the phone; obviously distracted driving. You can easily keep your eyes on the road while changing the radio station.

Would you (or your insurance company) ever want to be enough of a dick to request her cell phone records for the time of the collision? Because your whole family just lost some time in dealing with the aftermath of this, and you and your mom were/are in pain.

If she was on the cell, I would ask she be cited for that, if it's possible after the fact. Failure to give full time and attention. Has serious consequences.

And good luck with the WW.

Mick said...

Don't you inform the police in an accident? we had to when we were rear ended 6 years ago.