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The Guardian UK  (featured in the newspaper's online and print versions):

Top 10 Roadside Diners In The US: A Trucker’s Guide

Top 10 Views And Scenic Stops In The US

Top 10 Iconic US Road Signs

Top 10 US Podcasts For Road Trip Listening

Top 10 US Movie Locations: A Trucker's Guide to Scenic Film Stopoffs

Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

The Long Haul Magazine:
(A column by Salena Lettera & Ed Godfrey)
Volume 1, Issue 3: 
Do You Have An Owner-Operator Mindset?

Volume 1, Issue 4: 
How Tracking Expenses Improves Profit.

Volume 1, Issue 5:  Ten Things I Learned Driving A Truck

Volume 1, Issue 6: 
A Look Into One Trucker's Humble Beginning

Volume 1, Issue 8:  The Futility Of Trucking

Highway Health Magazine:
(Formerly Driver Health Magazine and Healthy Trucking Magazine)

June 2012:  Safety Starts With You

May 2011:  Advice Worth Its Salt

April 2012:  Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

January 2012:  Just Breathe

April 2011:  It’s Time To Start A Wellness Checklist

February/March 2011:  Designer Italian Shoes Not Necessary For Good Health (repeat)

December 2010:  Designer Italian Shoes Not Necessary For Good Health

November 2010:  Knowledge Is The Best Medicine

September 2010:  The World Wide Web Of Health

August 2010:  Oh, The Pastabilities!

July 2010:  Don't Eat Anything Your Grandmother Wouldn't Recognize As Food

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