Wednesday, April 25, 2018

You Break, You Buy

I found these gorgeous purple bottles at the Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, Arizona.

There were all sizes of bottles, gas lamps, bowls, glass insulators, and more, all in shades of purple.  The display looked so pretty with the light streaming in and I stood there for a while thinking about where I needed purple glass in my house. 
There was a sign on the shelf that said glass from the early 1900s turned purple with ultra-violet light.  The manganese used in this old glass retains the ultra-violet light and turns the glass these beautiful shades of purple.  

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Catfish On The Bluff

When you're stranded in small-town Arkansas, at least one of your meals is going to include fried catfish.  Well, that's what Ed told me.

We were recently in Camden, Arkansas for a few days and let me tell you, there's really not much to do.  We hit the Walmart, went to see baby chicks at Atwood's, and upon a local recommendation, went to Woods Place for lunch.

When we sat down at the table we were greeted with a basket of fresh, hot, homemade yeast rolls and hot, crispy, hushpuppies.  A bowl of butter spread and tartar sauce accompanied them.  I was perplexed by the tartar sauce - were we supposed to dip the hushpuppies in it or are they just assuming we'd be ordering fish?  I ate hushpuppies while I decided.  They were delicious.
Woods Place has been around since 1984 and has won awards for their catfish.  Ed is a huge fan of catfish so I knew that's what he was going to order.  I decided to try the fried tilapia.

The Southern-style catfish fillets were right up Ed's alley.  Nice, large pieces in that distinct cornmeal coating, served with a side of coleslaw and fried okra.  
I chose the tilapia because a light fish meal sounded like a good idea.  I picked the half order over the full and was glad I did because it came to the table with two insanely big pieces.  I only ate one piece and gave the other to Ed.  Mine came with coleslaw, fries, a lemon wedge, and slice of red onion - I think that's a Southern thing, too.  
In addition to the hushpuppies, tilapia, and french fries (jeez, can they fry anything else??), I ordered the soda that was born right there in Camden - Grapette

My impression overall was good.  The food was good, the batter on the fish was light and not greasy at all.  And Ed's catfish was great, according to him.  And although I didn't like the fries (mushy) and thought the coleslaw could have been served a bit colder, I'd go back again. 

It's obviously a hot spot because the stream of people coming through the door picking up takeout orders did not stop the entire time we were there.  

The restaurant was clean, the staff was very friendly, and the service was quick.  At least next time we're in the area we know where we can go for Ed to get his catfish fix.  That's one thing I don't (and won't) make in my house.  I made fried catfish once, over 15 years ago, and my house smelled like fish for days.  Never again.
So if you're in Camden, head over to Woods Place for a meal.  It's one of the most talked about places in town.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

A Spring Moment

I wrote a few days ago how Spring was coming to the Southwest.  These purple prickly pear cactus are a perfect example.
These grow on the side of my driveway, and I only have one clump of them.  I wish there were more in the yard because the color is a nice contrast against the monochromatic shades of the desert.  
These are new pads growing, and the little nubs or "leaves" will eventually fall off.   They'll also produce yellow flowers, which look so great against the purple.  
This burst of color doesn't last long, so get out there and look at it while you can.  Before you know it, the sun will be so blazing hot you won't want to leave the house.

Oh, wait.  Maybe that's just me.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Three Rs In Strawberry

The Strawberry Schoolhouse, located in Strawberry, Arizona, was dedicated as a Historical Monument in 1981 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.  It's been called the "oldest standing schoolhouse in Arizona".  
Built in 1885 of pine logs from trees that were cut and transported from the Mogollon Rim.  The interior was said to be "elegant", with wallpaper and factory-ordered individual desks rather than standard tables and chairs.
Students ages 5 to 20 were educated here and the schoolhouse had an organ that was used for social events and and church services that were held in the building.
Today the school is open to the public from May through mid-October on weekends and holidays, or you can call to make an appointment to tour on other days.
The schoolhouse is cared for by the Pine-Strawberry Archaeological and Historical Society and can be found on Fossil Creek Road, less than two miles west of Arizona Highway 87 in the town of Strawberry.
Read more details about it here.  

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Lodged In The Mountains

We didn't make any hotel reservations before our trip to follow the AZBDR, we just thought we'd find something along the way.  It was mid-week, off season, so our chances were good.

I'm glad we didn't book a room because we would have wound up staying at the Forest Lakes Lodge.  I'm sure plenty of people stayed at Forest Lakes in the 35 years they've been around and liked it just fine.  But when we got there and went to look at the room - something Ed has learned we must do at sketchy-looking places - I decided it was more Murder Lodge than Lakes Lodge.  It was just old, and depressing, and run down.  There had to be another choice. 

Of course, the boys had initially planned on camping, in a tent, on the ground, so they probably would have stayed if I wasn't hanging around, and I didn't want to be a pain in the ass, but I just couldn't stay there.  No. Way.  Thankfully, they were both willing to find something else.  We thought we'd just go to Payson, but on the way there we saw a sign for Kohl's Ranch Lodge and turned in their direction. 

When we drove up and I saw the lodge exterior, I was already happier, and stepping into the lobby sealed the deal.  Look how pretty! And log cabin-y.  And lodge-like.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The front desk staff was amazing and the rate was fantastic - $80 for a studio room, right off the main lobby area and close to the parking log.  What a deal!
We were starving by the time we got there since the restaurant in Young we had planned on eating at was closed, so we decided to check in first, take showers, and eat at the restaurant on the property. 

I loved the room!  It was huge, clean, and the bed was a dream.  Crisp white sheets, four amazing pillows, a table with two chairs, and a little, enclosed patio with seating that led out to the front of the building.  

We had a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, toaster.  The lobby sold food items (frozen waffles, microwaveable meals, coffee creamer, etc.) that were just enough to supplement if you needed a little something extra. The only negative to mention was the oddly minuscule bathroom, it was child-sized.  Overall though, I'd give the place a thumbs up.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, called Zane Grey Country Barbecue.  They had great appetizers, amazing wood-fired pizzas, and some kickass fall-off-the-bone ribs and pulled pork.  Everything was delicious!

We slept like rocks and got an early start the next morning.  The guys headed off to Winona and I was going to mosey up to Flagstaff to meet them after they completed the next section of the AZBDR.  
Bike parking right outside our rooms.
The Kohl's Ranch Lodge is definitely a place I'd stay again.  A simple mountain lodge nestled in the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, at the base of the Mogollon Rim, with views for miles.

It was the perfect place to spend the night.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Heading To The Tall Pines

I was in the pickup truck following the boys out of Young, Arizona, as we all headed north on State Highway 288, officially known as the Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road

We would end the day at Kohl's Ranch, where we would stay for the night before they headed off on the rest of the AZBDR the next morning.

The Young Highway is part dirt, partly paved, and gets high up into the hills of the Tonto National Forest, taking you across the Mogollon Rim

A very scenic ride!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Keeping Time In The County Seat

The City of Globe Centennial Town Clock, located on Broad Street in front of the train station, was presented on May 21, 2007.

The plaque nearby states, “As our City’s 1st Centennial comes to an end and as the 2nd Centennial begins, the Historic Town Clock is dedicated in the honor of all past Mayors, Vice Mayors, Council Members, and City Staff who developed the City from 1907 to date and is now offered as a symbol of inspiration to the future generations of Globe to continue our proud journey into the next Centennial.” 
The city was incorporated twice prior to its present incorporation in 1907. 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

You Really WON'T Believe What's Inside

The Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, Arizona was one of the cutest stores I'd visited during my stay.  According to their FAQs page, 25% of the merchandise in the store could be classified as antique, collectible or vintage. The remaining 75% of the merchandise is Native American Jewelry, Art and Craft, Southwest gifts, Western gifts and home furnishing.

The yard art is the first thing you see before you enter the building.  I love all this colorful metal yard art.  I think I need that rooster.

There's so much to look at in this store, from wind chimes to t-shirts, moccasins to elk hides.  And cute, colorful, leather coin purses like these.
 Home decor, kitchen stuff, and cute countryfied drink coasters.
 Antiques, old postcards, vintage glass bottles.  I spent about forty-five minutes in the store.  I walked it slowly and looked at everything.
I didn't buy anything, although I did see some artwork by Brenda Peo that I loved.  I have a hard time committing to expensive pieces unless I know precisely where they'll work.  In addition to having buyer's remorse with expensive items, I'm not good when I have too many choices.  I need to be shown two items and have someone say this? or this?

It's a great store.  It has history and great lighting inside.  It's definitely worth a visit but if you can't make it to Globe, you can shop online.  Ain't modernity great?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Diner For One

On our first morning in Globe, the boys ate breakfast at the hotel but I wasn't ready early enough for that (I've missed almost all hotel breakfasts in my life) so after they left I hit Hank's Diner on the main drag.

There were only three other people in the place and it was the first time I'd ever sat at a counter in a diner by myself.  It just seemed like the cool travelin' thing to do.

Breakfast for me is usually Greek yogurt and fruit as I hate cooking (or eating) a big or "real" meal first thing in the morning.  But since it was late morning and I wasn't cooking, I decided to order the works - french toast, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and a glass of OJ.  I can't say the waitress was super friendly, but the service was quick and the food was decent. 

Hank's served up an adequate Denny's-like meal, but if I'm ever in town again I'll be going to the Copper Hen.  It was closed this trip but Ed and MacG ate there on one of their motorcycle rides and gave it two thumbs up.

And I'll be sitting at a table.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Where The Elks Of Globe Went To Gather

Built in 1910, in Globe, Arizona, the Elks-Lodge-turned-Antique-Mall has a special distinction - the sign out front bills it as the "Tallest Three-Story Building In The World".

According to Roadside Peek, "The Elks’ Building was built in 1910 in the Italianate style. The story goes that the architect hired to construct the building over ordered bricks, and instead of selling them, he used them.  Hence, creating the world’s tallest three-story building. The third floor is the initiation lodge area. The second floor was used for lounging and meeting. The first floor has a commercial kitchen and was once and theater for plays in the once-booming mining towns of Globe and Miami. Today the building sits vacant."

A quick Google search claims it was recognized by Ripley's Believe It Or Not! but that search also turned up another building in Paris, Kentucky that makes the same claim - tallest three-story building. 

Well, I wasn't in Paris, I was in Globe, so this is all I've got for you.  And although I couldn't tell from the outside, I guess now I've seen one of the world's tallest three-story buildings.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beauty Prevails

It's spring here in Arizona, which means every once in a while we get to see a bright spot of color.  One of the most noticeable blooms along our route were those of the little hedgehog cactus.  Against the muted tones of the sand and rocks they grow in, the vibrant fuchsia was hard to miss. 

I saw several jutting from the rocks and took a few shots myself, but Ed got this one somewhere along the trail he was on.  Although he was in a remote area that's not traveled often, there's still that one idiot who leaves a beer bottle behind.

Iron Eyes Cody would not be happy.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Right Of Way

Ed snapped this picture of his riding buddy deciding who will go first, him or the free-range cow.
As I mentioned in a post I wrote a little over a week ago, Ed had a desire to ride the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route on his motorcycle. Well, last weekend he got to live part of that dream.

This is the description the AZBDR website gives regarding the route: 

"The Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route (AZBDR) is a 750-mile scenic ride across the state of Arizona, beginning at the Mexico border and finishing at the Utah border. This South to North route consists of mostly remote dirt roads and winds through the remote high desert country, jagged canyons, wild lands, pristine mountain ranges, and a surprising number of water crossings.  It passes through iconic locations including the Mogollon Rim, Sunset Crater National Monument, Grand Canyon and the Navajo Nation.  The route includes dirt, gravel, and pavement surfaces and may include rocks, ruts, sand, mud, and snow depending on the time of year and conditions. The route can be completed in 4-6 days depending on pace, and is also accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles, as the entire route is at least double-track."

He and a friend started at the southern end of the route, on the border Mexico and Arizona.  He made it to Flagstaff before we had to come home to go back to work.  While the guys rode the BDR, taking trails in the wilderness, I took the nearest roads and met up with them at several spots along the way.

He and a friend started at the southern end of the route, at the Coronado National Memorial, then rode along the Arizona-Mexico border for a bit, before heading north.  While the guys rode the BDR, taking off-road trails in the wildness, I drove the pickup truck on the nearest real roads and met up with them along the way.  We landed in Globe the first night, and four days later we were all in Flagstaff.  Unfortunately, we got called for a load and had to head back to Tucson for work but Ed plans to finish the portion from Flagstaff to the Utah border soon.

There was a lot of scenery to see, especially further north as the elevation and landscape changed, and I'll post a few pictures that each of us took along the way.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stay In Your Lane

This train comes right through the town, creeping right in front of the police station in Globe, Arizona.  Cars able to pass it on either side riding parallel to the train.  Even though it's not going fast, it's a bit unsettling to be that close to a moving behemoth.

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