Sunday, July 20, 2014

An Instagram Glimpse Of Interstate 64

Waking up in cloudy Mount Sterling, Kentucky.  One notable resident of Mount Sterling is Nancy Green, who was the original Aunt Jemima.  

Stopping for lunch in Nitro, West Virginia.  Its name was derived from the chemical term Nitro-Cellulose, which was a type of gunpowder that was to be produced in the town during World War I.  

Catching a glimpse of the gold-domed Capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia.  "The magnificent 293- foot gold dome which tops the structure is five feet higher than the dome of the U.S. Capitol. The entire dome is gilded in 23 ½ karat gold leaf applied to the copper and lead roof in tiny 3 3/8 inch squares."  It is magnificent.  

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Anonymous said...

Nancy Greene was a Canadian skier. different spelling

The Daily Rant said...

Yes, Nancy Greene was a Canadian skier. The Nancy Greene Summit in British Columbia is named for her. A friend was just talking about that summit a few days ago.

The Nancy Green I'm talking about was hired by the Davis Milling Company as a "mammy" to promote their product - pancakes!

Gil said...

If ever have trouble sleeping watch someone putting down gold leafing!