Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A Successful, Safe, Million Mile Driving Man And His Timepiece

Last night was the Million Miler Awards Banquet.  There were one, two, and three million milers, and one guy who received the Lifetime Achievement Award for driving four million safe miles.  Four million miles.  Can you even fathom driving that much?

We had a nice dinner, sat with a real decent group of people, and watched as each inductee joined the CEO on stage for photos, recognition and gifts. 

Each of the new one million milers were given a jacket displaying their one million mile status, and the Presidential Clock Ed is holding.  Will you look at that?  Isn't that just gorgeous?  No, not the clock.  Oh, the clock is nice - it's got a hand-finished solid forged brass case perched on a rich, solid mahogany base, and comes from a company that's been making clocks for over 115 years - but I'm talking about Ed.  In that suit.  SO handsome.  He's the real star.

OK, so back to the clock.  It's engraved with Ed's full name and yesterday's date, in addition to the company logo (very tastefully done and not at all noticeable from the front of the clock, thank God) along with the words "Million Miler".  It's the perfect gift, a great way to remind us how valuable time is.  It also reminds us that working too hard isn't the best way to spend that time.  Because you can never get that time back.

So the next million miles will be more of what we've done in the last million - trucking, travel, dining out, meeting friends, visiting family, snorkeling, picture taking, and keeping track of the good time we're having.  With that clock.

It's going to look so great on the dashboard.

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dlg said...

Ed sure cleans up nice for a trucker! We are so proud of him.
But he always looks nice. Congrats on the beautiful clock, son.

Anonymous said...

Well done Sure wish my employer treated us like that. Even though I'm not in trucking.

Jack McCallum said...

Wow! That many miles is incredible. Ed's a rock star, and he looks quite dashing. Gorgeous clock too.

Al & Jo said...

Way to go! Ed looks more like a CEO than a trucker! :-). Congrats.

Dave Sanderson said...

Congradulations Ed.
Now everyone knows what you are wearing underneath your coveralls when you secure the load to the trailer.

The Daily Rant said...

DLG: He looks just as good in a t-shirt and jeans as he does in a suit! He is a cutie, isn't he?

ANONYMOUS: It's a nice gesture from the company.

JACK: It is quite a feat for my handsome rock star. LOL And I like the clock too!

JO: I know! I was saying the same thing. I think we're going to have to get him suited up more often and sneak into corporate events all over the country. At least for the free meal!

DAVE: He's joked about wearing the suit to see customers. I wouldn't let him near the truck without those coveralls! :)

Gil said...

Imagine the looks Ed would get if he drove in a suit. I'd love to see the looks on the faces at the truck stops and the clients' yards.