Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Dodging Locals Under The Oaks

Heading south through Georgia to the Florida state line.  We drove past a lot of old plantations, complete with the old wooden shacks nestled among the Spanish Moss covered Oak trees.

I love driving these smaller back roads.  Drivers are crazy as loons, popping out of side roads without looking, and passing on double lines up hills and around curves.  But it sure is pretty!

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Belledog said...

I lurv photos like this.

Looks like backroads low country South Carolina, too.

Thank you for making my day with Spanish Moss.

Anonymous said...

Will you please stop taking pictures while driving? It deflates all of your statements advocating safe and smart driving.

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: Glad you like the picture!

ANONYMOUS: Thanks for your concern, but we have a suction cup mount that fits my camera or iPhone ( and another one that I use for my old Sony camcorder. I can get any vantage point I desire using those.

Gil said...

I can't believe how nice and straight that road is! Sure would like some like that up here. Great picture!