Saturday, July 09, 2005

Matching Purse and Flip Flops??

My friend Vicki and I were talking today about her daughter getting into modeling. She's not too keen on the idea but I keep telling her I'm going to send her pictures to Eileen Ford and get her discovered. Mina is four and a half years old right now and I'm convinced she'll be a big star by her fifth birthday! Perhaps I am just trying to live vicariously through her, since I once had the chance myself to model, and didn't pursue it.

It all started when I was three years old...notice my matching purse and dress. I guess I tried to be a fashion plate from a very young age! Of course, I say it's all my father's fault. He bought me my first fur coat when I was 3 years old! He was always coming home with several dresses and "special" outfits for family gatherings. To this day, he slips me a few dollars when I see him, so I can get "a little something" if I need it. Little does he know that NOW most of my money goes on t-shirts and flip flops from Wal-Mart. The trucking industry does not require me to have matching purse and shoes.

Here are pictures from my modeling venture 10 years ago. I was "discovered" in 1994 while working at a resort hotel. In 1995, I went out Los Angeles to pursue plus sized modeling. I got an agent, went on a few "go sees" - which are like interviews for modeling jobs where you show up, show them your "walk" and have them assess you like you're at a cattle auction. I even went on an audition for an Ivory Soap commercial....they were looking for a chubby "Italian" girl, so I guess my agent thought I was a perfect fit.

I didn't get the part, but I did see the commercial on TV at a later date. Every time it came on, I said "There's my commercial!!" Well, I don't have a commercial to my name, but I do have these pictures.

Now if I can only get Mina that interview with the Ford agency....but first, I have to go buy flip flops to match my new red purse from Italy!


galgata said...

Fun tip... here in Chile we call "mina" a hot girls (and "mino" a hoy boy) so maybe that girls is destinated to it!!!...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.