Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chunky Cheese

Yesterday was my nephew Joey's 5th birthday. My mother spent the day with him, taking him to lunch and the mall for a special day together. Today, my mother was telling me about my how Joey wanted to go to Chunky Cheese's for his birthday. She told the whole story, about how he wanted pizza and wanted to play the video games, etc. She kept saying Chunky Cheese, Chunky Cheese, Chunky Cheese. I kept saying "Chuckie, Mom. It's Chuckie". She just didn't get what I was saying. Finally, I said "His name is Chuck E. Cheese. First name, CHUCK. Middle initial, E. Last name, CHEESE. The bulb went off and all of a sudden she said, "Ohhhhhhh."

She went on to tell me that my other nephew, the attorney who has to make sure everything in the story is presented accurately, kept correcting her. He said, "It's CHUCKIE, Nana, not CHUNKY." You can bet that a 6 year old knows how to correctly pronounce the name of the creepy little mouse that doles out pizza and video tokens.

If you have ever been to this place, you will know that kids ALWAYS want to go and adults NEVER do. Just the thought of going to one of these places makes me want to take a blade to my wrist. I can't even imagine wanting pizza badly enough that I'd spend the night with a million screaming children playing video games. I think I'd commit suicide before the night was over.

My brother must be dreading his fatherly duties right about now. He recently went to Chuck E. Cheese's when his friend Craig took his son for a birthday party. When they were done eating, my brother and his wife turned to Craig and his wife and they all looked at each and said, "Did we just spend $70 for pizza???"

I would think $70 is a small price to pay for a mouse with a middle initial who provides food AND entertainment for your children. No?

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