Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Queen's Life

This afternoon, my father called me and this is how the conversation went:

Daddy: Where are you and what are you doing?
Me: I'm riding mopeds on Martha's Vineyard.
Daddy: You're riding mopeds on Martha's Vineyard??
Me: Yeah, and it's SO much fun!
Daddy: Boy, you really live the life of a Queen.

Well, it seems only right, that after years of my father calling me his Princess, that I should at some point graduate to Queen, right? I never really thought of my life that way, but yes, I guess I do have it pretty good. Although, don't Queens have minions?? I want minions.

Today I realized, more than ever before, how fortunate I am to have the boyfriend I do and to be exploring the country with him like we are, because today we spent the day on Martha's Vineyard. I think I can die now, because I've seen "The Vin-yahd" and it is one of the most spectacular places I've ever visited.

To get to the island, we took the Ferry from Wood's Hole. It's a 45 minute ride with a lot to see along the way - seagulls, sailboats, and even one VERY red-headed ferry passenger.

When we arrived at the dock on Martha's Vineyard, we were greeted by this man. His "Die Yuppie Scum" t-shirt made us feel very welcome and VERY glad that we were not yuppies. We wondered, Is this the sentiment of the whole island? More likely, it was just the sentiment of this particular man; probably a year round resident who dislikes "his" island being over-run by yuppie scum.

When I captured this gem of a photo I was given a tongue lashing by the captain because apparently, I wasn't supposed to be using a flash at night at the front of the ship. I guess approaching vessels might have thought I was sending out some morse code message with my camera. Ummm, perhaps the sign should have said No Flash Photos. When we got to Vineyard Haven, we rented mopeds for the day and drove around the island. We explored Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. I have never seen so many middle fingers, heard so many horns honking or had so many obscenities hurled at me outside of New York City as I did while driving this thing. I chose to use the "Eddie Method" of responding, which is just to smile and wave. I actually think I confused a few of them. Obscenities aside, this mode of transportation allowed us to take in the sights up close and smell the sea air and flowers along the way. We saw the most gorgeous houses, scenery, shops and flowers. Oh, the hydrangea!! ALL over the place. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue and the water was amazing.

When in Edgartown, we also saw some fabulous yachts docked just beyond the lighthouse. I think next time, I might have to stow away on one of these. What a way to sail the seas. Here is a picture of the Edgartown Lighthouse up close and one of Eddie and I standing in front of it:

We sadly left the island at 9:30 pm on the last ferry out, heading back to Falmouth for the night. We contemplated staying at the youth hostel on the island, just so we didn't have to go back. We really didn't want to leave. Eddie left his cell phone on the ferry, so we have to meet the boat in the morning to get it back. I think he did it on purpose...sort of like when you leave your panties at a guy's house to make sure he'll call you the next day and you have to go over to his house again to pick them up. Oh, c'mon girls. You've done that, right??

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Anonymous said...

Salena- I am so jealous! One of these years I will make it to the vinyard - a dream of mine.

Glad you and Eddie are well Yes you are a queen!