Saturday, July 05, 2014

True Independence

Since we were still in Savannah, we decided to watch the fireworks show the hotel we were staying at put on for the Riverfront 4th of July festival.  We were parked in the adjacent convention center lot and took our bikes to the waterfront to get closer to the festivities.

There were a lot of people.  They brought tents, BBQ grills, tables, lawn chairs, coolers, snacks, drinks, and tons and tons of kids.

I didn't realize so many people made such a big deal out of this.  I guess it's an evening out with cheap entertainment.  We never went anywhere to see a fireworks show when we were kids.  My father and uncles would give us sparklers and then they'd shoot off a bunch of fireworks in the yard, but we never left our own property.

Actually, I never intentionally went anywhere to see fireworks as an adult either.  It's been more of a thing in the last few years because we're out here on the road anyway.  And even then, it's not really a planned night out, it's more of a can-we-get-close-enough-to-see-them-in-the-truck? sort of thing.

The show was pretty good.  Lots of giant, colorful bursts.  Music from two different bands playing for the crowds on the river.  And Ed brought our folding camping chairs, so we had really great seats.

Hope you all had a great Fourth wherever you were!

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Gil said...

I don't know about NY, but up here all you can buy are sparklers and some other small things that sound like caps. Therefore, the professional shows draw big crowds. When you were a kid, I'm sure you must have watched Macy's fireworks shows on TV. We did on our one channel tv.