Monday, July 05, 2010

If It's Good Enough For Homeland Security, It's Good Enough For Me

Ed and I recently had to complete a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Security Training program that we needed in order to haul certain freight.

Part of the training involved reading the materials they provided and then completing an online test. I'd love to tell you what was involved and all that we learned but apparently the information is on a need to know basis and you all don't need to know.

We were warned that if we divulged any of the information to anyone who didn't "need to know" that we would be shot on sight. OK, so they won't shoot us but we'd be in a shit-load of trouble. That's how serious they are about it. So imagine what you will and just remember...unless you're with Homeland Security, I now officially know more than you.

Anyway, we took the tests seperately and were then sent our scores and a certificate of completion, but here's the bitch of the whole thing...

Ed scored 100% and I only scored 91.67%. I scored over what was needed to pass, but I didn't get 100% WTF?? I'll never live this down. And because I'm telling you, it's on the internet forever.

What saves my ego though is the fact that I now know I measure up to government standards...

Less than 100%.

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Ms. Crawford said...

Isn't that a bitch when they do better? I expect Kendall to drive and back the truck better then me to a certain extent, but damn it I want to do better on the written stuff! It is only fair.

You still did great though!! Good job Miss CIA of trucking!

Gil said...

Poor baby! I bet he still loves you. Nothing wrong with your score.