Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Italian, French, And Classic Canadian

Whenever I go somewhere new, I always try to pick up things for people I love.  Sometimes I even get stuff for people I just like.  When I was at the Atwater Market in Montreal, I saw all this stuff in one of the stores and had to buy it all.  I couldn't decided at the moment who they'd be for or how many I needed, so I got a bunch.

These tins contain black licorice flavored candies.  They're Italian, from Calabria. 
I love the colorful tins.  They're about 2" across, and 1.5" from top to bottom.  Look at the pretty colors.  They even have some sort of museum, but it's in Italian and I can't read it.
And this one, with the - seven dwarfs? - drawing on it.  I know exactly who I'm giving that one to. 
These mints are also in a little metal tin and made in Toulouse, France.  They were developed by French pharmacist Leon Lajaunie in 1880 to help people achieve fresh breath.  The mints are teeny tiny, about 1/8" x 1/8" square and come out of a hole in the side of the tin. 
While on my black licorice kick, I also picked up a tube of toothpaste for myself.  I've tasted this on the tip of my finger and it has a minty licorice flavor.  I'm not sure if it will be too overwhelming though to brush with.  This stuff is also Italian, out of Florence, Italy, and in a very luxurious silver box, printed with the little logo on the inside of the box also (leave it to the stylish Florentines to decorate the inside of a toothpaste box). 

On the side of the box it says, "Marvis, The pleasure of flavor.  A rich, creamy toothpaste that offere a tingling sensation and removes plaque and tartar for a sparkling white smile.  Our cooperation with the Amarelli firm, producing liquorice since 1731, has given rise to an elegant aroma that combines the clean, seductive flavor of liquorice with the freshness of mint."  Wow.  My current tube of toothpaste doesn't have a "clean, seductive flavor".  Leave it to the Italians. 
The next thing we get into is food.  Condiments and stuff.  I bought the following items for my friend Vicki (haven't sent them yet, so hopefully she's not reading).  The first is French, Fleur D'Olive's Moutarde Baies roses et huile d'olive - Pink Peppercorn and Olive Oil Mustard.  It's made in France and it's all I can do to not open the jar. 
In addition to that is a product made by the company A L’OLIVIER.  It's called Cassis - préparation 'a base de vinaigre et de pulpe de cassis - a preparation of vinegar and blackcurrant pulp.  I'm really not sure what she's going to do with blackcurrant pulp vinegar, but I hope I'm there when she uses it.  With her cooking, it's sure to be amazing.  This item is also a product of France.
And last but not least, I couldn't leave Montreal without buying the quintessential Canadian product - Pure Maple Syrup.  Marlaina told me to buy it in the cans, as that's the "real" Canadian way to purchase it.  I several cans, and for myself I also got Maple Syrup Sugar.  It's AMAZING.  It's a very fine sugar made from maple syrup.  I'm rationing it because it's so delicious.

It's made by Érablière Marois et Frères - which Google translates to Maple Marois Brothers.  I bought cans of medium and amber, two grades of syrup with two distinct tastes.  We had this on pancakes when in Montreal and it was delicious.  We also drizzled a little over vanilla ice cream.  Decadent. 
I'm so happy with all my goodies, now I just have to get them in the mail before I become tempted to dig in and use them myself.

And I've got to try that seductive toothpaste.  With my luck, I'll fall in love with it and have to make regular trips to Quebec to get it.  Or have my Canadian friends smuggle it back for me.

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Belledog said...

Food porn! Delish.

MAE said...

I've always loved black licorice and my latest rage is Red Vines
black licorice (not Twizzlers brand)...I also love Sen-Sen since I was a kid, is that the one you have in that little tin?...

Unknown said...

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