Monday, July 08, 2013

Heat And Humidity Abundant, Wind Nowhere To Be Found

Today was our third day biking around Chicago.  Saturday was our first day, and we covered about 15 miles.  Yesterday we logged about 18 miles.  And today, we added another 10 miles.  I think I've ridden more in the past three days that I have in my entire youth.  I know for sure that we've put more miles on our two wheels than our eighteen in the last couple of days.

After all the riding, I'm feeling a bit worn out and a little sore.  My ass hurts - or rather, my tailbone - three days on a saddle (that's the proper name for a bike seat) might be a little too much for a beginner like me.  And my feet hurt, too.  From pedaling.  WTF?? 

And I haven't even mentioned how hot its been here.  Brutal.  High eighties with over 70% humidity.  After it rained, it was at 100%.  I have never been more hot or more sticky or more miserable at the same time than I have over the past three days.  Yet, I oddly enjoyed all the biking.  Even with a soaked head of hair.  My skin did have a delicious glow, so maybe that's what got me through.

But seriously, you cannot look good while biking unless you're a) 120 pounds soaking wet and b) not sweaty.  You need a streamlined look - hair in a sleek ponytail, bike clothing that matches - and if you must wear a helmet, not have a head shaped like a pear.  Like mine is.

Which brings me to what we bought today.

New Helmets:  Mine is white and silver, Ed's is black and blue.  I hate the idea of wearing it - as if my head isn't hot and sweaty enough - but I guess a sweaty head and zero style to my hair is better than a cracked head.  I'm telling you right now though, if I ever see anyone I know while wearing this thing, I'll be riding like the wind in the opposite direction.  Ed looks cute no matter what he puts on his head - and believe me, I've seen him with a lot of shit on his head - so the helmet on him just makes him sporty and cute.

A Handlebar Bag:  This is for my bike.  Rather than mounting it facing forward, I had them mount it towards me, because I want to have easy access to my camera, my phone, a pack of gum.  I don't want to be fishing over the handlebars if I need something.
And a set of Saddlebag Pannier bags:  In addition to really wanting a basket (which I still may get), ever since I laid eyes on a bike, I wanted something like this to carry stuff in.  No matter what I do, I'm a girl who needs to carry way more than what the normal person needs to carry.  It's a sickness.

My locker at school was always stuffed to the gills, my desk at work had everything anyone might ever need.  Ever.  And my purse is like MacGyver's briefcase - the real MacGyver, not Marlaina's husband - and when I go on a trip, any trip, I pack 
every essential belonging.  So uh yeah, these'll come in handy.
After the shopping spree, we had lunch at Flo and Santos, a "Pizza and Pierogi" pub that I found on Urban Spoon.  It's in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, an area Al Capone once used as his headquarters.  It was just okay, but after biking for 10 miles, I would have eaten cardboard.

I am enjoying the hell out of this city.  And we have two more days left here.  There are two other places I'd like to explore - Hyde Park to see some mansions, and Oak Park to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes.  Reading Loving Frank stirred up my interest in exploring his work and Oak Park has the largest collection of Wright designed sites in the world. It's probably a pretty good place to start.

If I have any pedal power left in me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys ...can you post a picture of how you attached your bikes to the trailer? Did you use the bags you made yourself? Thanks for all the great reading and pictures!