Sunday, July 08, 2012

Delicious Eats And Healthy Treats

For the last month, Ed and I have been trying to do a little bit better in the eating department. Don't get me wrong, I'm not skimping on delicious food, I'm just cooking in a healthier manner. Less butter, more olive oil. Less pasta, more veggies. Trying to eat more often throughout the day, which has always been hard for me - I hate the "six small meals a day" theory - and making sure I eat enough so I'm not a starving, cranky beotch.

(One of my meals this week: Honey-Lemon Chicken with Shallots,
Steamed Green Beans, and Couscous with Apples and Almonds. Deeeelicious!)

I've been reading a lot of magazines and getting some good recipe ideas, and I've found some new websites too. Here are a few I came across, along with some my cousin recently sent me. Check them out:

Dairy Free Chick: Primarily for those who are lactose-intolerant, which happens to be my cousin's situation, but there are so many good ideas on here that I feel like I wouldn't know the lactose was even missing!

Chocolate Covered Katie: I want to cover my name in chocolate - Chocolate Covered Salena - how can you not love that? And she's got a recipe for Berry Stuffed Breakfast Cupcakes. Cupcakes for breakfast? I'm SO in!

My New Roots: Let's just say I'm putting Meatless Mondays into the rotation. And Banana Bread pancakes? You'll die just looking at the photo.

Fresh 365: Recipes for every day? Broken down into categories and season? I can't wait for Fall.

Skinny Taste: The pictures and the recipes....amazing. And from now on, I'm eating my watermelon on a stick.

Steamy Kitchen: Fast, fresh, and simple. And the Scallops with Mustard Miso Sauce that keep rotating on the main screen are killing me. I think I might have to get a wok.

If you have any great sites that you frequent, that have fresh and healthy food ideas or recipes, let me know! And remember....most of my cooking is done in a truck, so if it involves a Kitchen Aid mixer, an eight-burner stove or a BBQ grill, I'll have to pass.

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