Friday, July 12, 2013

Gary Hits Me Up With Another Gem

Our friend Gary - an expedite driver we "met" via the internet and who's been vetted by Marlaina and MacGyver, as they've dined with him on several occasions and signed off on his awesomeness - finds some of the neatest places on the road.

He's the only person I know who has actually stayed at a place he found through one of those online services where people rent their apartments to strangers - I think it was  He regularly sends me cool websites - one was to find places that offer locations with swimming pool available to the public,  another for finding urban bicycle trails - and he often send photos.

Like these of the Rockwall County Library.

He emailed these today, saying the place was unbelievably comfortable and modern.  With air conditioning and blazing fast free Wi-Fi.  It's next door to the county building, which has a large beautiful rotunda, and has a cafĂ©, copy machine and used books, DVDs and CDs for sale.  Also, tons of audio books.  Look how many tables there are to spread out your goodies.
And check out this well-lit area with the beautiful stone wall and comfortable chairs.  He mentioned the place was pretty empty, and that he had his pick of where to hang out.
Look at all of these computer work stations.
And the best part, the thing that's great about the Rockwall County Library, specifically for truck drivers?  It's about a half mile from the Travel Centers of America truck stop in Rockwall, Texas right off Interstate-30!  In this photo, the library is located at "A" and the T/A is at "B".  An easy walk, but an even easier bike ride.
If you're familiar with this location, you'll know there's quite a bit of shopping just to the west of the truck stop along the frontage road.  That's where Gary found Freebirds World Burrito which he said was really good.  Sounds like a place we're going to have to check out.

Thanks Gary for this fabulous find!! 

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Pat said...

So does Gary have a blog? I'm tempted to try Airbnb. It seems to good to be true.

Scott said...

Gary's right...Freebirds is pretty good. I used airbnb last month and got a great place..worked out real well.