Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Giving Up Trucking And Going Into Clothing Design

My friend Marlaina sent me this link for the jeans in the photos below. 

Not because I would be interested in them - helloooo, they don't even make these in my size, you have to have pipe cleaners for legs to wear them - she sent the picture to me because she wanted me to see how expensive they were.

Are you ready?  They're selling for $443.00.  Did you get that?



My favorite part of the whole ad is where they say that the jeans are "made in Japan by expert tailors using high-quality local denim and brilliant detailing."
Expert tailors??  They're ripped at the knee and then sewn back together all Frankenstein-like!  That's expert tailoring?  I can do that.

Here's a close up of the ripped knee.  Brilliant detailing.
And this "absolutely extraordinary denim" that these pants are made of, have evidently been splattered with pain.  ON PURPOSE. 
Look at the hem.  The "expert Japanese tailors" took a seam-ripper to the hems and just ripped 'em out and left the strings hanging.  Stunning.
I have absolutely no understanding of how someone can pay over four hundred dollars for a pair of jeans.  Chimala?  What the hell is that?? 

The ad also claims they "know great denim when they see it".

I'm pretty sure Levi Strauss knew great denim when he saw it too and he wasn't charging over four hundred dollars for it.

But they've only been in the jeans business for over 140 years, what do they know?

I'm clearly in the wrong business.  I need to start ripping jeans and splattering them with paint.

In fact, the next time you see me on the fuel island, I'll be wearing cropped jeans with the hems ripped out.

And I might smear a little fifth wheel grease on them just to make them unique. 

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june in florida said...

If that's the fashion every construction worker should get a honk and a thumbs up as you pass by.

Belledog said...

Such a funny ad.

The sweater, belt, and especially shoes all look far better made.

A foole and her money ....

MAE said...

...disgusting! only an idiot buys these pants...could get a better pair in a thrift store...