Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Attack Of The 50 Foot Chicagoan

Crown Fountain, located in Millennium Park in Chicago has two 50-foot glass block towers facing each other from opposite ends of a reflecting pool that's over 200 feet long.  The faces are local residents.  And the towers light up and spew water.  Freakin' cool.
Each face is animated, lifelike.  The eyes blink, the smile curves and the cheeks rise.  The mouth becomes a spout for water, children frolicking under it. It was so hot while we were there, I was inclined to kick my shoes off and join the crowd stomping through the water and standing under the large spout.
Ed got a good photo of one of the towers with the water coming out of the mouth of one of the people displayed on the screen:
And I took one of the towers at night, with some girls posing for each other in front of it, the colors changing behind their posing silhouettes.   
Chicago has some pretty great art downtown and a lot of activity late into the evening.  We spent hours riding our bikes, starting during the day and going late into the evening.  Each night we didn't get back to the truck until well after midnight, one night we even got in at 1:30 in the morning.

There was so much going on, with people out and about and walking, running and biking on the Lakefront Trail, and everything was so well lit, we didn't feel at all as if we were ever out "too late". 

I am not done with this town.  We'll definitely be exploring more next time we're there.

Now that I know how to get around.

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