Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Least They Don't Have To Worry About The Fourteen Foot Bridge Clearance

We had another visit to Shipshewana this week to have the air-conditioning in our bunk fixed, got a new set of exterior steps on the sleeper, and had extra cushioning put in our cab seats, as they haven't been very comfy lately.

As usual, I love being in this part of the country and it's always nice to see the horse and buggies in the streets.  Here's one that was sitting in front of us at the light. 

It's so odd being on the same road as a buggie.  It just feels weird.  They've got the power of one horse to propel them, we've got 515 horses under our hood.  Totally two worlds colliding.  Well, existing at least.

We had lunch at the Blue Gate restaurant and stopped at the teeny post office to mail some packages. 

Next stop, Wisconsin.

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Marlaina said...

Did you tell them a the Blue Gate that you read about the restaurant in the Guardian? LOL.