Monday, July 27, 2009

For All The World To See

This is in response to Txjerry2, who left a comment on my Robin Hood post:

Dear Txjerry2,

Let’s break down your comment in sections (your words in bold, my response directly following) since you either missed the point in my post or didn’t read it thoroughly:

Why does everyone what to demonize those that are wealthy?
Who is demonizing the wealthy?

Don't we all aspire to being in a position that we do not have to worry about money.
Of course. Who doesn’t? I never said otherwise.

True, some did not work at all for the money and some worked very hard for it, just like you and I are doing.
What difference does it make how you get your money? That’s not the issue.

Whats $9,000 more tax if your rich?
If you read the article, $9,000.00 is 9/10 of ONE percent if you’re netting $1 million a year in PURE PROFIT. I don’t know what circles you travel in, but I’ve never met a person who nets more than $83,000 a month.

When our country is in crisis – either in a time of war, a national disaster, needing maintenance and repair on our roads and bridges, fire/police/ambulance departments needing to get paid - one of the ways our government can take care of its people is by generating revenue by taxing those people. If you claim to be a citizen who cares about their country, then you will do your part to alleviate any crisis we as a people are going through. Right now, we have a health care crisis, so everyone who is able to do a little more so that 22,000 people a year don’t die, should do it.

I think the same could be said of you. What is say $900 more in tax for you to support the health care reform.
Exactly. What IS $900 more? Again, if you read the post, you would have read where I said I’d be HAPPY to pay more in taxes so others can have health care.

You seem to be doing pretty well with a new modern truck and computers, etc. is that fair.
Now you kind of sound like you’re demonizing me for having a modern truck and computer, which are tools of my trade but again, yes I do think it’s fair to help others who aren’t as fortunate (as Obama said at the end of the article) to be as financially secure as I am.

Or if that is not so much fun, I am sure there is a truck driver out there that can't afford to repair his truck or put fuel in it. I think the government should require you to give your truck to that needy driver 2 days a week and you pay for all the expenses. He gets all the pay. That is only 2/7 of your week and you still have 5/7 of a week to make what you need. Does that sound fair?
I guess if I were netting a million dollars a year, I could probably afford to miss work two days a week. But even then, your math doesn’t really add up. If you want to compare me giving my truck to a "needy driver" for the same percentage of time that would match the 9/10 of ONE percent of what a millionaire would be paying in extra taxes, that would work out to me letting that other trucker drive my truck for four minutes a day, which would be 8 minutes total for the two days you want me to help them out. So yeah, I guess that does sound fair.

Based on your post that is what you are asking those that have achieved wealth to do for the health care reform. Remember there were very few "poor" folks that created the businesses that you deliver to or deliver for. Most started small and with minimal interference of the government they have grown and have created jobs. Not sure that is going to continue any more. Just another way of looking at things that make it "fair".
You’re right, there are a lot of small mom and pops that have grown and created jobs, and they’ve paid taxes while they were growing to support the United States of America. What is going on right now is called CORPORATE WELFARE, where giant corporations are getting tax breaks so they have extra money to hire lobbyists to control our lawmakers so that new mom and pops don’t have a chance to grow. Do you think THAT is fair?? Because of the rising cost of health care and the outsourcing of a majority of our jobs, many of those places you think we deliver to, have shut their doors. And that is why in the last ten years we have lost thousands of trucking companies and people continue to lose their jobs AND their health care.

As long as my hardworking friends and family (many of whom fought for this country) cannot afford health care for themselves, their children and their spouses, in addition to not being able to have money for the medications and care they need into their old age, I’m going to find it really hard to be convinced that I should feel bad for millionaires and predaceous corporations.

It’s disheartening to know that these people continue to place more importance on their bankrolls than a human life.

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Evil Pixie said...

I find Txjerry2's knee-jerk reaction to your post interesting. This individual obviously did not put a lot of thought into the response and it is filled with assummptions. I'd like to address his last comment about businesses and "fair." First off, "fair" is a subjective word and is in the eye of the beholder. What I deem as fair obviously is not what Txjerry2 would consider fair. As for those small businesses (and I am one of them), it is fair to say Txjerry2 is well off. Minimal government interference? Think again! There is always government interference - no matter what your business size and/or profit margin. It is also important to note that business receive tax credits for providing health insurance coverage (and paying a part or all of the premiums) for employees, yet these businesses (both large and small) continue to drop the benefit at an alarming rate. The number of uninsured are going to skyrocket. AARP estimated in 2008 that 30% of businesses are either dropping healthcare coverage all together or watering down coverage to the bare minimum to decrease premium costs. This means lost productivity, increased absenteeism, and decreased profits for those businesses. Something has to be done, Txjerry2 and what we currently have obviously isn't doing the job.

I cannot afford to provide healthcare coverage (even with tax credits) but I would welcome paying a slightly higher tax (though I don't fall into the million-dollar income category) to ensure that those I work with and those I don't even know have the coverage they need to go to work, do their job, and be productive for the business, society, and themselves.

Gil said...

Your response to that character was the work of a true genius!

all things bradbury said...

atta girl!.....and btw...where do i sign up to be the "needy" truckdriver????.....i promise not to dent anything!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you addressed a difference of opinion, because this issue warrants further discussion. The article mentions a higher tax on income above $280K, that doesn't necessary qualify someone as a millionaire. Many of those are small business owners, whose net income may not be as high as you think. If the threshold was a million, I might agree with you more. Also (and I don't know where the author got this from) he stated that 22,000 Americans are "dying" because they have no health insurance. Part of the reason health care is so expensive for you and me is because hospitals are caring for the uninsured. My uninsured brother got heart surgery that was ultimately picked up by the state. I think asking the (some not so) rich to subsidize a system that is broken isn't the answer. Cutting drug and other medical costs, tort reform,and offering low cost premium options are more long term solutions. The real rich are the drug companies and the lawyers - let's hit them instead.

Hedon said...

I'm not sure if I've mentioned lately how very much I like you.