Saturday, July 04, 2009

Soap Box Derby - Spavinaw Style

Today was spent in Spavinaw, Oklahoma at the home of Eddie's relatives and their friends; an eclectic bunch of folks with down home warmth and high falutin' educations. A lawyer, a jack-of-all-trades, an English teacher, a trucker, a homemaker, a mother, a former Marine military aircraft mechanic and Ed's uncle, a Professor Emeritus who is also an author. Fascinating man, but SO over my head. Although really, you'd never "feel" it, as he truly is warm, personable, down to earth and so average. Would love to have had time to listen to more about his life. As it was, within the first ten minutes of meeting him, I knew I could sit and talk to him for hours! I was thrilled to have finally met him.

In fact, I was thrilled have met them all. We don't get through Oklahoma all that often and when we do, it's never at a convenient time to visit anyone. When his uncle finally met me, he said something to the effect of, "Ohhh, so this is who Eddie has been keeping company with for five years." Yep, that's me!

The food was catered by one of the local Spavinaw law enforcement officers; talk about a good moonlighting job! Chicken, pork, sausages and barbecued bologna. Yep, big 'ol thick slices of bologna prepared on the grill. I didn't try it and I can't say it looked to appealing to me, as it was waaaay to close to SPAM. And we all know how I feel about

We ate, played scrabble, ate, swapped stories, ate and then went into "town" to watch a soap box derby on Main Street. You can see some of the spectators below, standing next to the Indian Taco Dinner sign. I had to ask about that one; apparently it's Indian Fry Bread (we are, after all, in Cherokee country) prepared like a taco salad. Sounds good to me!

The kids were great! So excited to compete in the race. Everyone in a different "soap box" making their way down the main drag two by two. Check out the look of determination on this little guys face as he tries to get to the checkered flag.

Unfortunately, he didn't win; that title went to one of the girls. Go Danica Jr.!

After the derby, most of our crowd went down to the creek to wade, as the heat and humidity had taken its toll. Later in the evening, Eddie and I spread out a blanket near the tiny town lake and took in the fireworks show.

What a great way to spend the nation's 233rd birthday!

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Gil said...

Loved the "Go Danica, Jr."!!! Glad you guys had fun. I mowed damp grass most of the afternoon.