Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So, What Brings You To My Neck Of The Blogosphere?

I recently found a blog titled girlofwords through fellow driver GiGi’s blog roll. I laughed my way through several of her posts and decided that I am stealing her idea of posting the information Google provides for determining how people found your site - what search words did they use?

I've had people find me when they were clearly looking for places to lose money: ”firestarter casino Battle Creek, Michigan”

Then there are those who don't know they sell and item called a "back scratcher" because they used these search words: "trying to reach an itch" AND scratch AND "your back"

And others wanting to find Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon by looking for this, albeit incorrect, string of lyrics: ”and we will all go down together” I usually get a big hit on this one around Veteran's Day and once right after a documentary about Vietnam was on television.

But apparently, I have someone up in the largely-Republican potato stronghold of Idaho who came upon me by searching for "on the road titty". Hmmm.

Take a look:

I hope they weren't disappointed when they got here only to discover there is no titty; on the road or otherwise. Oh, I've posted a
teeny cleavage shot or two, and also detailed my experience of being flashed some titty, but I've never actually taken my own out on the road.

Not that my co-worker (Ed) would mind, but I don't think it would go over too well with the company we're leased to. That, and I think it might even be a safety issue if done while driving.

I think I'll just hold off on that little traveling road show.

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girlofwords said...

... That. Is. Awesome.

I was telling a friend today that it amazes me what people even LOOK for in Google. I saw one in mine today that wanted "cheat answers for Virginia DMV."

It scares me they're probably driving.

Angela said...

How do you do this? I want to know... I thought it was something that girlofwords was just super genius about and didn't want to display my non-geniusness to her. but know I don't care how unsmart I look... I wanna know how this google nonsense works!