Sunday, July 31, 2011

Donuts From Heaven

When we're in Maryland waiting on our load, we have a couple of parking spots we hang out in. We rotate so no one gets pissed off that we're using their lots as a truckstop, and before they have a chance to notice us, we're off to our next location.

One day we were at the Best Buy. Our TV had fizzled out and Ed went in to buy a new one. When he came back to the truck, he was standing at the kitchen counter telling me about all the models he saw as he was measuring the space for the TV. He wanted one bigger than what we had, but needed the dimensions before he bought a new one. He glanced out the window and saw some people lingering right outside and made a comment about it.

I said, "A man and a woman?"

"Yeah," he said. "How'd you know?"

"I saw them out there before. They were looking at the truck."

I looked out the window again and saw the man pointing out things on the truck and he looked as if he was explaining something to the woman. So I opened the window over the kitchen counter and hollered out.

"Hey there! Caught you lookin'!" I said.

The guy laughed and said, "You sure did. That truck is awesome! My wife and I were admiring it."

"Would you like to see inside?" I said.

"Could we?" he said.

"Sure! Come around to the back door." I said.

I let them both in, we all made our introductions and then I gave him the grand tour. He loved it. They had an RV, so were familiar with a lot of what we have inside, but he had never seen a truck outfitted like this. He was very impressed. And they were very nice, old fashioned, small town, people you meet at church kind of nice. He actually took his shoes off outside (leaving them on the catwalk) before he stepped into the truck!

After talking for a little bit, we exchanged business cards, said our goodbyes and they left. Turns out they were real estate agents - "Born Again Homes, Inc." No wonder they were so nice. The tagline on their business card said "Where will you spend eternity?" Wow. A couple who is that dedicated to finding you a home? A home for eternity? What a great business strategy. If I were buying a home in the area, they'd be my first phonecall. You can tell they just really cared about people, and that they'd probably put just as much care in helping to make sure you found just the right thing when making such a costly purchase.

A few weeks later, there was a knock on our back door. It caught us by surprise because no one ever comes to our back door. It sort of freaked us out. Rather than opening the backdoor, Ed went to the passenger side window and stuck his head out to see who was doing the knocking. Then I heard him say, "Oh! Come around the back."

I opened the back door and there they were, the real estate agent guy and his wife. They saw the truck in the parking lot and thought they'd come over to say hello. And they had a little something for us - mini-donuts from Starbucks! How can one go wrong with donuts??

Not only are they adept at finding a place for us to spend eternity, if we so desired their services, but they're also pretty talented in finding the path to our hearts.

Baked goods.

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Alex said...

Hey! After reading this one, I had to find out more about the truck. Looks pretty damn great...and cleaner than my own stationary house.