Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jack & Jill Went Up A Hill To Fetch Some Aircraft Parts

Today we are finally leaving with our load. I didn't think anyone was interested in the detail details, but in comments yesterday, a reader asked what the hold up was.

Well, it was a manufacturing related glitch. We are hauling aircraft parts. They are held to a very high standard of inspection (which is a good thing), and apparently the inspectors weren't entirely happy with the piece we were supposed to be moving. So back it went.

It was a small repair, but it had to be done correctly since these things are actually going on planes. Pictures went back and forth between project managers, the piece had to be brought back to some point in the production line to start over, the inspectors had to re-inspect, shipping had to load it on the trailer; everything needed to be just right.

In the meantime, Ed and I had breakfast, watched some TV, caught up on some reading, ordered a part for our home theater system, went to the post office (again!), had lunch (homemade egg salad...yum!) and took a nap - someone has to be well rested for when this thing was finally ready to go.

Now we're on the way. You probably won't hear from me as we truck across America, but if I have a minute to steal from my sleep time, I'll try to post something. The weather is great, the truck is fully stocked with food, water and fuel, and my newest audiobooks are loaded and ready to be listened to.

See you in a few days!

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Project Girl said...

Excellent! Safe travels. Thanks for the details...

Tim and Kim said...

You sound all set and ready to hit it! And I looove homemade egg salad. Hope you guys have a good trip.

Gil said...

Happy Motoring!

BaliMoz said...

Let's get the ice cream first

all things bradbury said...

i guess we should be thankful that they take all those precautions....even tho it gets a little nervewracking for those of us who have to wait on them to get it done.....lol....safe travels!

all things bradbury said...

do you bring something back with you or deadhead?