Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Flamingo Was A Little Too Fiery For Me

Today Eddie and I ran a few errands, got a bite to eat and then hit the mall for Macy's - they were having a one day sale and I needed to see if there was anything I couldn't live without.

I tried on a bunch of clothes but didn't fall in love with anything. I looked at earrings because I'm in the market for gold hoops but didn't find the right shape. Really though, when it comes to real jewelry (not costume), I only ever look. My cousin is a jeweler and if I ever need something, I buy it from him. You know, "family discount" and all. But I did find a piece of jewelry as a gift for my cousin. I'm pretty sure she'll love it.

The one thing I did go in for was a purse. They have a great selection and I was hoping I'd find something as nice as the last bag I bought there. I looked through everything; Dooney's, Coach, Michael Kors. They were all beautiful but a little too pricey to carry in the truck. I also have a thing with straps; they have to be long enough to hang comfortably, not bringing the purse up under my armpit. My favorite style is a crossbody purse, but typically the strap isn't long enough to allow the purse to rest on my hip, which is where I like it. Then I saw THIS.I really wanted it in the "Flamingo" color shown here, and even though I had it strapped across my body admiring how the color looked against the outfit I was wearing, I knew that it was probably one of only a few outfits it would match. So I got it in black. And I love it. We walked around the mall for a little while, sat on a bench for about an hour and people watched, and then wrapped up the whole day at the mall with a stop at Cinnabon.

Now the only thing left to do is get rid of my old purse and prep myself for the Cinnabon sugar coma that is undoubtedly going to hit later tonight. I guess if you're going to go into a sugar coma, the end of the shopping day is the best time to do it.

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Angela said...


I am always in the market for a new fabulous purse. I too was once an across the body wearer but in recent months I've taken to the short strap that places the purse in my armpit.

It's more out of practicality than anything though, since I carry it with me at work and need to keep it VERY close around some of the less desirables.

I was actually shopping for a new purse a couple weeks ago and found one I fell in love with. It was an amazing turquoise color. The more I looked at it the more familiar it seemed.

It was the exact same purse I am currently carrying... At least I'm consistent. :)

Tim and Kim said...

I love it! I am due for a new bag and I really like the over the body style. Plus it is so much better for your back and shoulders. I am a little jealous at the moment......I mean that and Cinnabon is a little like Christmas morning.

Ms. Crawford said...

I love the cross bodies as well! I just got one from Macy's actually, it is brown leather and I am in love with it. Plus it has room to hold my iPad and keeps my arms and hands free. I hate always moving straps on my shoulders!