Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Race Is On

There aren't a whole lot of things I can't do.

OK, so there may be a few.  Most of the time though, I can handle any task and usually do it better than most.

Except packing.  I'm horrible when it comes to packing.

Not the actual packing part - that,  I'm a genius at - but the deciding what to pack part.

I mean, look at this picture.  And that's only one stack of stuff I think I "need".  What I need is help.  Maybe even the professional kind. 

On Monday we'll be going to Montreal for a week with our friends to see the Montreal Grand Prix - the Formula One race. Actually, the boys are going to the race, Marlaina and I will be shopping, lunching, getting our hair done and going for massages and facials.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

The problem with all of this is that I have to pack.  For a week.  Bringing stuff that can span the finicky weather.  One day it's a bazillion degrees, the next rainy, the next I need a sweatshirt.  OK, so I almost never need a sweatshirt, but dressing for warm weather is challenging for me.  I don't have the throw-on-a-sundress-and-go type of body. 

I also like to have a lot of options because I dress based on how I feel that day.  I can't pack stuff for a week and know that I'll wear a particular outfit on Tuesday and another on Friday.  I put on what feels good that day.  And whatever the weather calls for.

I'm really just a chronic over-packer.  I must have a little bit of everything.  And then matching flats or flip-flops for all.  I almost never bring sneakers/running shoes because I almost never sneak or run anywhere.  I don't plan on doing the kind of walking I'll need that type of shoe for. 

So all this boils down to, because I can go on forever about it, is that today I'm all stressed out because I'm trying to figure out what I need to bring for me, what I need to bring for Ed, what food/kitchen items I need to bring - because we're renting an apartment and we're going to cook while there so I need to have some of my favorite tools - and what kind of weather we'll be having. 

I still have tomorrow to finish, so I should have it all wrapped up by then.  And Ed will be carrying my luggage, so I can pack bricks if I wanted to. 

He was a Marine, you know.  They're used to those brutal hikes with an 80-pound pack on their back. 

Although, on second thought I may need a few more troops.

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Anonymous said...

Salena just relax,and take it ALL, but...when you return look at what you wore and what you didn't and why. I feel your pain and do the same damn's a body image problem, or self image problem (hell I don't know lol, but I know I am the same way when packing). I will tell you what I am told and know in my sane rational self...relax, feel comfortable and don't fret and you will be fabulous! Have a grand time, and don't forget to pack a couple things for Ed.

You can ALWAYS buy anything you "forgot" to pack.