Saturday, June 08, 2013

Shopping By Silhouette

I saw this sign at a mall in Montreal today.

Sizes available in store:
For all sizes, for all tastes

I love the picture.  From the skinny minny to the fatty boom batty.

FYI - I don't know how they got my picture, but I did not pose for this.

In case you don't recognize me, I'm the fourth one from the left.  I'm not the fifth one because a) I don't have a round butt, b) I don't have long hair, and c) I would never wear those shoes.
And number four has her left leg placed jauntily in front of her. 

Just as I would have done.

And if I spend any more time with Marlaina, who is like an Olympic athlete in her walking style, I'll be number three in no time at all.

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