Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ed Breaking Bad In The Lap Pool

If Neo from The Matrix were to go swimming, perhaps he'd be wearing these:
My mother said he looks like the guy from Breaking Bad.  I don't watch that show, so I have no idea if she's right, but it is kinda badass to have mirrored swim goggles.  He's going to be fierce swimming laps in any pool he ventures into.

We found them at the 
Academy Sports + Outdoors store in Houston.  Man, what a great freakin' store! 
We went in for the goggles and a basket for my bike, but didn't find one I liked.  We did come away with a few of these for our bikes, though.  I really wanted them, so I was happy.

Then I hit the Dollar Store and came across the makings for a bike basket.  For two dollars.  I'll try to post a photo when I'm done with my little project.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for The Swiminator.

Coming this summer, to a pool near you.

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MAE said...

...the Swiminator looks fierce, yet manly and cute...I love Your Eddie...