Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Idaho?? YOU da ho!!

This picture was taken from the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau website. Boise is the state capitol and Idaho's largest city with 193,000 people. Idaho is the country's largest producer of potatoes and their special potato is the Russet Burbank. Bring on the butter!

I have yet to see any potatoes but I know they are here somewhere. The landscape is pretty plain so far and I haven't seen anything that I found picture worthy so I thought these Spuds on a picnic would keep you satisfied until I find something.

I am coughing like crazy and am convinced I will soon have a lung to take a picture of for you. I'm sure I'm going to hack it up any moment. Last night I slept with a Vick's Vaporizer going. Between my coughing and the medicinal smell of the Vick's, the truck sounded and smelled like a nursing home.

One good thing though - it is CONSIDERABLY cooler up here in Idaho. The sun is shining and the sky is clear. As we get further north in the state, it looks a bit like upstate New York. Lots of farms and trees. Not as many mountains though.

We will be out of Idaho today and up into Eastern Oregon. Sorry this post is so blah. Maybe Ed will do a trick or something so I'll have a good picture for you later in the day. We can only hope!!

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