Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fitty Nine!!!

Fitty Nine!! That's right. 59. As in degrees!!! Woo Hoo!

We finally reached Oregon and drove right into the weather that refreshes my soul. I can't even tell you the 180 degree spin I do once I'm in cooler weather, although I'm sure Ed can. I am a complete ranting bitch in the heat. I do not fare well AT all. He, of course, should have a Saint named after him since all he does is let me rant and then throws his arm around my shoulder and kisses the top of my sweaty head. What a guy. Must be that Southern way of life...everything just rolls off his back.

Now that I've gotten the rant out of my system, I was able to enjoy the scenery of Eastern Oregon. See all those trees? CHRISTMAS TREES, people! And I have to say that after being in Arizona for 10+ years and seeing every street corner and Target parking lot filled with tents lit by strings of Christmas lights, I am convinced that Arizona is responsible for half of the Christmas Tree (yes, that's the official name of the tree) depletion of Oregon. I think everyone should buy a fake tree from this point forward. They make them so authentic these days, you can barely tell the difference. C'mon, do your part to save nature.

This second picture was taken as we got further into Oregon, through the hilly area. I took it out of Ed's window while we were driving, which is why you can see guardrail. Sorry - didn't feel like cropping that out. But, I just loved the way the hills rolled like fabric. The entire hillside looked as if it was a bunch of green velvet thrown in a heap. I wanted to dive right in!

Just past these rolling hills, we stopped at a viewing area and took this picture. We were overlooking this ENTIRE valley. The land was cut up into chunks, plots designated by color. Brown, green, looked like a country quilt that went on for miles under the setting sun.

Here is a shot of Eddie with the quilt in the background. The sun was coming from the side, so you can only see half his cute little face. I couldn't get him to do any tricks, but I thought his smile was enough. It's really just a little sugar for all you Eddie fans.

And then you have me....gazing over the landscape, wrapped in luxurious cashmere from Italy. My friend Lisa bought this for me in Firenze. Florence. Italy?? She also bought me a GORGEOUS red leather messenger bag. I will take a picture of it soon so you can all bask in its glory. I am the fanciest "Lady In Red" at any given truck stop. I hear whispers as I stroll by with the bag. People ask to smell the leather. They just want to touch their nose to something Italian. The bag, you perverts! The BAG, not me. I am in all my Italian glory.

Eddie thinks I look like a secret operative in some Al Quada plot waiting for word from Osama to take out the closest oil tanker. Of course we all know that is SOOOO not true since you all know how much I hate the heat. What the HELL would I be doing in the desert of the Middle East?? C'mon now, I'm wearing Italian Cashmere for goodness sake!

Fino a domani. Ciao!

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