Thursday, June 16, 2005

Top Ten

My current list of Pet Peeves.

I definitely have more than ten, I just couldn't think of them at the moment. I'm too busy being sick and hacking up a lung. Look for more Top Ten lists in the future. I am annoyed daily by things that will eventually make it on a list.

1. Talking in the movies by ANYONE and people who bring children to the movies.

2. Taking the stall RIGHT NEXT to me in a public restroom when others are available.

3. Low, slow talkers. Don’t you GET it when someone has to say “What??” after every other one of your sentences??

4. People who stand in line for 20 minutes and STILL do not know what to order when it is their turn.

5. People who say the word "height" with a “th” sound on the end….like, “hyth” instead of pronouncing it “hite” as it's supposed to be.

6. Not knowing how to use their/there/they''re/your....know/no....didn't these people go to school?

7. Blowing your nose in a restaurant – I don’t want to hear snot leaving your nose when I am eating.

8. Stupid Questions. For example: people who say “Do you have Diet Root Beer?” when the waitress just recited the list of what she DID have: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Ginger Ale. It happened ALL the time when I was a waitress. I always wanted to say “Did you fucking HEAR me say Root Beer??”

9. Scratching of balls in public. WHY?

10. Tardiness. If you're not bleeding, there is no excuse.

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