Sunday, June 16, 2013

Staring Me Down On Dad's Day

Man, you've gotta have some set of cojones to get close enough to this guy to tag both of his ears!

Today we swam laps for about an hour in the town we spent the night in, then we rode bikes for a little while, then packed it up and drove ten miles to the next town over for a change of scenery.  We rode their bike trail and around town, logging about four miles there. 

On the way, we saw a herd of buffalo and stopped to take pictures.  I got the one above before they ran off.  Mangy as they were, there were a few babies and they were cute.  They must have been out for a Father's Day stroll.
Hope all you fathers out there had an equally relaxing and beautiful day!

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Gil said...

They are real cute! Did you realize how big they are when you real close to them? I was totally surprised when I saw them in Yellowstone. They somehow seemed so much bigger that the ones I remembered seeing in the Bronx Zoo as a kid.

MAE said...

...amazing that they are still around and so VERY big...