Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The First Glimpse Of The People's Coast

Standing atop Neahkahnie Mountain, looking down on the beach at Manzanita, we got our first view of the Oregon Coast. Driving Highway 101 from Astoria, we had a few glimpses of water, but this was the first place we had a full view and the first place we were able to park the truck. It was much more spectacular in person, as you might imagine. Just a gorgeous site.

Standing at that same point and turning to my right, I got a shot of the water. There was a little sun that day, but for the most part, it was mostly hazy. What I liked about this was how the horizon looked ever so slightly arched, as if the water was following the curvature of the earth. Which I know is actually what it does, but here I feel like I see it happening.

We were hoping for a sunset, but we really couldn't get to a place where we'd see the dropping into the water. I took this shot hanging out of the window, thinking I'd just follow the sun until I saw it getting closer to the horizon. Here, it's just casting shadows.

The evening ended with this view. No "real" sunset, as I was hoping for something orange, but a little strip of light in the sky that was a very faint pink. I like the lights from the hotel in the distance and the outline of all the trees among the dark blue of the water. We slept for the night at Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint just down the road, near Depoe Bay. We wanted to wake to the sound of crashing waves.

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Tug said...

I absolutely LOVE the Oregon coast! I've only spent a weekend there while training someone in Eugene, but it was the most peaceful beautiful weekend...I'll have to go back someday.

Fandango Travelers said...

The Pacific coast is on our list of places to visit. We don't ever get dispatched there, so we'll probably have to do it in a rental car. Way jealous of you right now...

Stace said...

We loved the Oregon coast, too. Heck, I love Oregon in general, the western part at any rate.

The Daily Rant said...

Fandango...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nahhhhh. (sticking out tongue). I can only do that because I've been there - but it's taken us five years - we don't get a lot to that particular area either! :)

Stace: Yeah, I'm not too fond of the eastern part of the state either...same thing with Washington state....once the lush greenery dissipates, I'm not happy anymore. :)

Gil said...

We loved the Oregon coast too. I really wanted to see a Moose and every time we stopped and looked all we saw were little piles of evidence that they had been there. My wife won out and said why don't we go to the Bronx Zoo when we get hom1! Again, your pictures are fabulous.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures... breathtaking!