Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Preferred Route For Geriatric Men In South Bend, Indiana

We were sitting at a traffic light when I looked up and saw this:

The first thing I thought of was the
Granny character in the old Playboy magazines. I pointed it out to Ed but didn't think to take a picture of it until the last minute when he was already pulling away from the intersection. So it's not the best picture and the writing on the sign isn't very clear, but I think I captured what initially caught my eye.

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Evil Pixie said...

Hahahaha! I didn't even catch it at first. I kept reading and re-reading the sign.

Sarmen Khosdeghian said...

I wonder if they light up at night...

Jeni said...

Hmmmm. Either you've been lying to us about your age or else you've been reading loads and loads of old Playboy magazines to be familiar with the "granny jokes" in that publication. (I always referred to them as the "dirty old lady stuff" and she ranks right up there on my favorites list -along with Roadrunner cartoons! Back in the late 60s, I had my favorite "Dirty old lady cartoon hanging on the wall in my office, directly behind my chair and desk -until the Director of our division at work stopped by my office one day and saw it and seems he didn't think it was appropos for office decor. Made me put it on my desk drawer so I was the only one who could see it! And compared to many of those cartoons back then, the one I had was a rather calm, decent one -or so I thought then. Today, I doubt anyone would bat an eye over it.
Now, does Playboy still run those picture jokes of my favorite old lady? Maybe I need to start reading Playboy again - you know, strictly for the culture of the articles, the writing, etc., Ahem and yeah, right!

The Daily Rant said...

Jeni - Not lying about my age....I'm 41.

BUT....I used to read Playboy magazine ALL THE TIME when I was a teenager. Actually, my father always had them in the house and I used to look at them all the time, but I don't think I really "got" that it was a men's magazine in the way it was intended, but then as a teenager, my mother remarried and my step-father had boxes and boxes of the old issues in the attic....the REALLY old issues. Granny was a favorite comic of mine, but I really loved Little Annie Fanny - do you remember her??

My favorite thing to do then (and still to this day) is to look for the bunny hidden on the cover - did you know they hide a Playboy bunny head on every single cover?? If you can't find it, there is a clue a few pages in near the index. I would also turn right to the comics, which were always in the back of the magazine.

Anyway....those are some classic cartoons and will always be remembered.

As for you getting in trouble for the cartoon at your job - poppycock! LOL

And you know, the articles ARE great. In fact, the interviews are one of my favorite aspects of the magazine!

Sarmen: I don't think they do light up, but that would be a cool effect! lol

Pixie: Apparently, my mind and your mine are not in the same place. lol

Gil said...

Great find! I was thinking the same thing when I saw your picture. If not Granny's definitely saw a set of sagging ones!

all things bradbury said...

omg, it's good to know i'm not the only one who's mind works this

Hedon said...

See that no-bra-wearing-embracing-gravity plan is paying off somewhere.

I missed you guys!!!

Gil said...

I have a sister-in-law, actually my wife's, that was one of those women's rights bra burning children of the 60s and 70s and that is what she looked like in her wet tee (mens) shirt last Summer!!!

Too funny.