Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I Found A Place To Live In Montreal

This is the Boulangerie Première Moisson, the bakery at the Atwater Market. 
I'm moving in on Monday.

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Gil said...

Reminds me of the bakeries in da'Bronx!

june in florida said...

Memories, stop at the bakery on the way home from school in Oxford England, buy a hot fresh baked loaf of bread and eat it before i got home.

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: It smelled like them too! But no biscotti!!

JUNE: If I weren't with my very slender, very chic friend, I would have finished a whole baguette before we got home! LOL

mick said...

Just like to say how much we love your blog. We live in the UK and try to make it to the States as often as we can (not often enough). Your blog keeps us sane and keeps us saving for the next trip

scott said...

can you pick me up a couple of those loaves???

The Daily Rant said...

MICK: Thank you so much! And thank you for taking the time to comment. We might have to do one of those house-swap things (like in the movie, "The Holiday") - you can stay at our house in AZ and we can stay at yours in the UK! :) It's a place that's on my list to visit. What part of the UK do you live in? And have you seen my articles in The Guardian? Check out the big blue G in the sidebar --->

SCOTT: Man, I am thinking about smuggling in several loaves!!