Thursday, June 27, 2013

"License, Registration and Insurance Card, Please"

No, we're not getting pulled over.

We're merely checking in for a load at a military installation.  Usually the process is pretty quick, but at this place we waited in line for almost forty minutes just to get to the stop sign.

Before getting to the stop sign, at the first checkpoint, they have a mobile x-ray scanning unit drive up and down the line of the trucks while they're waiting in line.  They're nice enough to let you get out so you're not sprouting extra limbs as a result of absorbing too much radiation.

Then you drive to this building.  Once inside, they ask you to open all the doors to the storage boxes, the hood, the driver and passenger door, our bike box.  They do their little check and then give us the okay to proceed.

While they're checking the truck, you have to go in to the office where they take your paperwork (license, registration, insurance), put you in the computer, and print out a pass to be displayed on the dash while you're at the facility.  That took thirty minutes.

Then we drove to another building to get loaded.  We had to wait in line there too, as there were already five or six trucks ahead of us.

Once they know what's going on your vehicle, the process speeds up a bit.  All the vehicles and equipment have some sort of ID number, and are positioned around the storage facility in what seems to be a semi-organized fashion.  So they look at your paperwork, and match it up with the corresponding piece of equipment. 

Then they start loading.

Annnnddd...this is where I go take a nap until it's over.

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Computer has been down so i just caught up with your postings,awesome Guardian article.