Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm STILL Looking To Get Me Some Good BBQ

Today I ate at The Brick Pit, an award winning BBQ place in Mobile, Alabama.

I read about them in a local magazine; how they had been in Southern Living and Gourmet magazine and even garnered an appearance on The Food Network. Boy, they must be good.

I ordered the Pulled Pork (hand pulled, apparently) with a side of beans and slaw. I was expecting food from the Gods but I have to say, I know I'm no Rachel Ray, but my experiment on how to eat on $40 a day was just a bust. I mean, I came in under budget, but I didn't have the oh-my-God-that-was-the-best-sandwich-I-ever-had-Rachel-Ray-experience type of experience. I just wasn't very impressed by the food. I'm sad about this fact because it's supposedly the best BBQ in all of Alabama. Now, I haven't tried all of the BBQ in Alabama, but still.

Granted, us Yankees don't do what they call "BBQ" down here, so I guess I don't know from good smoked meat. But I do know good food. In fact, they actually use "BBQ" as a noun, not a verb here in the south; as in, "Wanna go get some BBQ?" or, like my friend Lynn said today, "I like me some good BBQ." Don't they know that when you barbecue something, it means you are cooking it over hot coals or on a revolving spit or over some other source of heat? It doesn't become barbecue. Barbecue is the method of how its cooked.

If you have spent even one minute in the South, you will realize very quickly how serious they take their BBQ. In The Brick Pit, they had bumper stickers around the place that said, "This ain't no Dream, it's the real thing" which I think was a slam on Dreamland BBQ, another place just up the block from them. Hmmm. BBQ rivalry?

Only in the South.


chez bez said...

Maybe our first meeting needs to be at Nashville's Mothership BBQ. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know texas has nothing to do with alabama, but being from ny, NO other state compares when it comes to food, no matter if its bbq, southern food, whatever. i ate at a place in texas that a bunch of locals took me on a business trip and they claimed it to be the best "BBQ" in town. it was by far the worst food i ever ate. i was sick after that. the fast food chain restaraunts in NYC make better BBQ. Stick to what you know cuz!! come back to NY asap!