Friday, June 30, 2006

Gulf Shore Toe Magnets

Yesterday, I spent the day at Gulf Shores, Alabama just lounging around on the pristine white beach, soaking up the sun and cooling off in the Gulf of Mexico waters. I got a tan, exfoliated my body, caught up on my magazine reading and boy watching and got about a cup and a half of sand in my bathing suit. Lovely.

I also think I managed to attract the only two lesbians on the whole beach. Out of all the people lounging around and walking by, the eye of the big man-woman on the beach chair next to me did not leave me or my body for one second; and she was with someone. OK, granted, not someone as cute as me, but still.

Dammit. I guess the haircut IS too short. Either that, or she just really wanted to see my pretty pink toes up close.


Anonymous said...

See, now you're attracting the lesbos......birds of a feather......


Anonymous said...

Hey, I resemble that haircut is too short comment!