Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Human Jeweler

The ability to take something rough and make it beautiful. Finding that inner glow. Catching the fire. Transforming it to bring out the best characteristics. This is what a lapidary does; this is how they transform stones, minerals and gems with a rough, dull exterior into a gleaming masterpiece.

The same thing can be done with people. Sometimes, you just meet a diamond in the rough. A person you know has more inside than they are letting you see. So, you carve and you probe and you buff. You find that little something special. Draw it out. Make it beautiful. Highlight it. Let it shine. Watch it begin to glow.

Even if that person doesn't know what is on the inside, if you are gifted, you can reach deep down and bring the fire out. Highlight their good qualities and minimize their flaws. Make them feel like they are worthy and precious. Cradle them in the Tiffany setting of your hands and mind and heart.

Be a human jeweler and watch how a diamond can truly become a girl's best friend.

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Lisa M. said...

Beautifully written.