Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Key To Being Funny

Ed and I were walking back to the truck after having spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble and going to dinner. Ed was carrying his laptop with two hands, a doggie-bag from the restaurant perched on top.

As we approached the truck, I reached into his pocket to get his keys since I didn't want to dig around in the bottom of my purse for mine.

As I withdrew my hand from his pocket, he said "Why do you always do that??"

"What? I was just getting your keys." I said.

"You always go into my left pocket. I don't keep my keys in that pocket. Geez. For thirty years I've kept my keys in my RIGHT pocket - you think you'd know that by now."

"Thirty years?" I said.


"So you're telling me that since you were five, you've kept your keys in your right hand pocket?"

"That's right." he said.

"What could you have possibly had keys to when you were five years old?? Your toybox? Your car? Maybe your apartment? Oh, I know...your locker at work." I said.

At that point, we both laughed. And that's why I love my Eddie; he always puts a smile on my face.

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