Friday, June 04, 2010

T.G.I. What Day??

Friday means nothing to me. It's not the end of the week. It's not the beginning of a weekend. It's not a day where I proclaim T.G.I.F.

It's just another day.

I often don't even know what the day or date is. In my job, I don't have to write the date forty-seven times a day. I don't have to be here at eight in the morning. I don't have a certain time I need to come back from lunch. Sometimes I don't even have lunch.

My cell phone reminders keep me up to date on things I have to remember; favorite TV shows, when bills are due, special events and birthdays. I think the only thing I do on a regular basis (when I'm not behind like now) is this blog. Other than that, I have to rely on others to give me clues on dates, times and sometimes even the state or city I'm in (thanks Eddie!).

So, although Friday doesn't hold the same meaning for me as maybe some other people, today is a day of importance because this particular Friday is my best friend's birthday. And although the date of her birth has been embedded in my mind from the first time I ever met her, I have to thank my phone for buzzing me awake this morning (a little too early, I might add) with a handy reminder.

Because without that reminder, the only thing I knew about the day was a) it was raining and b) I was going to have to get up out of bed to shut that damn thing off.

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Gil said...

Friday means nothing to me sounds like what retired people say!!!

all things bradbury said...

i know what you're sayin....for the most part i have lost the concept of "weekend"....occupational hazard, i guess.....i do usually get the date right since we still have archaic paper, & happy birthday to vickie!!

Lipstick Trucker said...

The only way I know what day of the week it is, look at my log book.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...Friday...Friday...what is this Friday you speak of?