Friday, June 25, 2010

3000 Miles To Squidland

Well, the trip for the control freak agent is finally done; three thousand and thirty miles in 48 hours. Thank God it's over, because I don't think I could have taken another call from her. She called so often, it felt as if she were on the trip with us. She probably should have come with us but I doubt she'd be able to hack it.

And that's the thing. People who don't know anything about the actual job are often the ones sitting in their office cracking a whip. I've seen it happen in a lot of jobs I've had; for instance, when I was in the hotel business, it was the general manager telling the bellman how to carry luggage. Not that the GM hadn't ever been a bellman at one time, but if he was, he'd forgotten what it was like and was now making unreasonable demands of his employee.

Thing is, I'm not this woman's employee. I don't work for her. Eddie and I are self-employed and really, whatever she says has no bearing on what we actually do for the good of our business. I'm not trying to sound like a big-shot, but her calling us doesn't make us drive any faster. And bothering me while I'm trying to do my job only annoys me.

I get her being concerned about the freight. We were delivering a Rolls-Royce propeller to the Navy for one of the ships coming into the port. They needed it right away and there were people waiting on it. I get it.

But I TOLD her I would call her when we unloaded. Calling me to find out if I unloaded yet aggravates me. If you haven't heard from me, I haven't unloaded yet. Didn't I make that clear when I said, I'LL. CALL. YOU. WHEN. WE'RE. UNLOADED. Seems pretty clear to me.

In fact, the last time she called was at the exact moment I was trying to find the street where were delivering. I was looking at signs, consulting the GPS, navigating traffic. I don't have time to answer your call in the middle of that to be distracted by your bullshit questions. You can wait for my call.

So I made her wait.

When I finally did call, I gave her the basic information about the load and said goodbye. Normally I'd be more chatty but I didn't appreciate the stalking and although I considered giving her a piece of my mind, I figured if she couldn't follow our simple request of "don't call us, we'll call you", I'd be wasting my breath telling her that her actions were more helicopter parent than professional freight agent.

She's now on The List.

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all things bradbury said...

dang,girl!...that's over 63mph!...took a beatin on the fuel mileage, huh???.....every-once-in-awhile we get a load where they call like that....makes me insane!!'s bad enough when dispatch does it but when the customer does....ugh!!!!....but, as usual, you guys came thru with flyin colors!!

Gil said...

That miserable bitoh really got under your skin! I hope that the load paid you a higher than normal fee.

Ms. Crawford said...

I love that she is now "on the list." Psycho-hosebeast alert right there!