Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'll Trade You My First Child For An iPad

This is what my iPod looked like after Ed dismantled it. The screws holding it together were teeny-tiny, like screws from eyeglasses. We thought maybe we would see the dried up Diet Coke in there and be able to swab it off, rescuing the iPod from it's Splenda-laden grave.

It never went back on. Even after plugging it in and trying to give it some juice. I thought maybe the battery died and it just needed a little boost to be rejuvenated. No such luck.

So on Sunday night, sneaky little Ed bought me a new one online, which we picked up yesterday at the local Best Buy. He also purchased a two-year protection plan to go along with it, just in case I get near any liquids in the near future. I am usually pretty careful with my electronics but that freak accident really made me gun-shy.

The best thing about the new iPod is that it has 64GB of storage - so I can put all of my movies on it (I currently have 12 of them) and Season 1 of Glee which I plan on buying soon. I never wanted an iPod and I didn't think I needed one. I figured I'd never use it. But now that I have it, I love it. I can only imagine the love for the iPad being even grander.

Are there any gadgets any of you have that you love more than say, your first born??

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chez bez said...

My two favorite material possessions are my iPhone and my iPod. Not that I need one, but I'd love to add an iPad to that list.

Congrats on the new iPod. Sneaky Ed rocks.

all things bradbury said...

like you, i never really thought i needed an ipod till brad got me one for christmas and now i am totally hooked....and so is he...i see the purchase of another one in our near future so that he will leave mine alone!!!...lol....i can't really say i love it more than my first born since i'm a little partial to him...lol...but it sure is a handy, entertaining little booger!!

Angela said...

My sweetie bought me an MP3 player a few years ago for xmas and it was the best thing ever. It wasn't an iPod but it was exactly what I needed. It had FM radio, 8G hard drive, recording options, and the like. I used and still use the hell out of it.

I am obsessed with my iPhone, which is also kind of an iPod. I have never done movies or videos but I should... huh?

I truly want an iPad, just so I can look cool in the truck stop restaurants ;) but I can't spend that kind of money on another gadget so soon after finally having paid off the laptop!

Sam Huss said...

After spending the better part of a saturday taking the toilet up from the floor to get my wifes phone out of it I learned to always have the protection plan!

I don't have an "i" anything cause I don't care for apple, but I do love my Android phone! I'm actually buying the newest one friday! :D