Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Very Thoughtful Man

Some conversations with Ed never end; you think they're over, but three days later, he inevitably brings up something from the conversation.

"Remember the other day when you said 'all guys are jerks'? Well, did you mean a certain guy you know, me or just all guys in general?"

"I don't know. What were we talking about?" I said.

"Guys. And how they act. And you said that they're all jerks." he said.

"Well, sometimes they are. But I can't possibly mean ALL guys because I don't know all guys. But like, for instance, remember Tina's boyfriend and how I told you he left her after she found out she was pregnant? Well he's a jerk."

"Oh." he said. That's it. Oh.

Then three days later, the conversation is re-visited. "Remember the other day when you said that Tina's boyfriend was a jerk because he left her? Well maybe he left her for some other reason. How do you know it's because she was pregnant?" he said.

"Well I don't know if being pregnant was the only reason, but it was kind of a shitty thing to do, don't you think?" I said.

"Maybe he had a good reason." he said.

"What could possibly be a good reason?" I said.

"I don't know..."

"Well, neither do I," I said. "And why are we still talking about this?"

Three days later....

"You know, you don't even really know Tina's boyfriend all that well. Maybe he had a medical problem or something. He could really be having problems." he said.

"Who gives a shit why he left? He just did. And sinse she's my friend and she's upset, I think he's a jerk. Plus now she's pregnant with that asshole's kid."

"True." he said.

"And it's like a week later and you're still talking about this very unimportant guy whose name I don't even friggin' know." I said.

"Probably." he laughs.

This happens all the time. I think the conversation is shelved, done with and put away and then Ed brings up some little aspect that I don't even think was relevant, let alone worth remembering. I sometimes wonder if it rolls around in his head and just comes out as something to talk about. I can't imagine that he gives a crap about some guy whose name even I can't even remember.

I'd rather he remember to put down the toilet seat. Now that's relevant.

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Unknown said...

Ed cracks me up!

all things bradbury said...

brad does this also! it's the questions about conversations that were only in his own head tho that leave me speechless!