Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crafty Little Bugger

Today, since I seem to have so much time on my hands, I decided to make some jewelry. I have a favorite pair of earrings that I bought at a rest area in New Mexico and I wanted to create something similar.

They have a tiny southwestern flair (not too much, because I'm generally not a fan of Southwester-Indian-Cowboy-Turquoise-y jewelry. Mine are about an inch and a half long, made from a group of beads in different shapes that dangle from my lobes in a straight, silver line. The guy I bought them from had a table set up at the rest area, selling everything from necklaces to ankle bracelets. If I remember correctly, his mother was the one making them. She was sitting off to the side creating new ones as fast as he could sell them.

I wanted a similar pair that had a little more shimmer, so I decided to make my own. I wear a lot of silver, so I bought silver earring hooks at silver pins to thread the beads onto. This is the first pair I created:

The small center beads are a cloudy pink and the bigger beads are clear, with a pink tint. I love the way they catch the light.
This is the second pair I made; metal beads with several different colors running through them; copper, silver, bronze.
I like both pairs but I think I'm partial to the pink ones. I have green beads that are similar to the pink ones and that'll be my next project. Those look like peridot and that's one of my faaavvorite gems.
It looks like I've added another way to fill my day. I already complain of having no time to do everything I have to do (partially due to flitting from joyful distraction to joyful distraction); how will I now add a craft??

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Gil said...

Pretty artistic! The darker ones look like some I've seem Native Americans wearing at Pow Wows.

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty!!

Evil Pixie said...

Impressive! Pretty soon you'll have you own Daily Rant jewelry line. :)

all things bradbury said...

they're very pretty! i like that they can be custom made..... my neck isn't very long so alot of the store- bought danglers are too long & hit my shoulders! i really like those clear beads.

Angela said...

Love love love the pink ones! And look at you all Jill of all Trades! Nice skillz hun!

der Einsiedler said...

Oh, ja! These would be so wunderbar for the catching of the basses.

You take the paypal I am wondering?

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