Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Spread Sunshine All Over The Place

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a happy face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a happy face.
We're back on the road after the holiday weekend, on our way to a town in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada. It's on my Least Favorite Places In The Country list. And in the summer, it ranks very near the top. And the place we're taking the freight to is the only place in town. Muy depressing. going to Nevada is not why I've chosen to spread sunshine all over the place by putting on a happy face; the happy face is because the freight rates are going up. And up. And up! I've mentioned before that Ed would rather sit in a parking lot and watch TV than move the truck for no pay. See that loaded truck up there? Good news, people, good news.

And after the debacle at the Port of Newark last week, this load is cake. Summer is the "busy season" for trucking, so I'm looking forward to the steady pace we'll be keeping. And if it's possible for there to be anything good about heading to Nevada, it's gotta be the casinos. We haven't been to one in a while and I think I'm feelin' lucky!

So as soon as this stuff is unloaded, we'll be hightailing it to the nearest slot machine (for me) and Blackjack table (for Ed) for a little bit of gambling. If we work it the way we normally do, our winnings will pay for food, hotel room and rental car. Wish me luck!

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all things bradbury said...

we sat on a load from pheonix to compton, ca this past weekend that let us spend some time at fantasy springs in indio, ca....i broke even but brad came out $400 ahead....that's not as good as he usually does, but added to the bonus we got for staying out this weekend and it made a nice little i'll let ya rub brad's head for luck if ya think it'll do ya any good...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, play some Blackjack for me.

Ms. Crawford said...

Hope you win tons of money, esp. for your Italy trip!!!

all things bradbury said...

you changed the pic???? lol

Gil said...

I hope you have better luck than you had at Mohegan Sun! If not, leave early.