Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome To Hell

This is the weather that greeted us when we got home yesterday. I seriously don't know why the hell I live in this horrible, horrible, miserable, murder-inducing hot place. The decision to live here was not mine, the blame for that falls on others; but I can only blame myself for staying.

Because my immediate family is here, I've elected to call this my home base. No sense having a home base in the snowy mountains of Vermont if there is no family to see when you get there. Thankfully, I'm on the road so much, I miss most of this weather.

I don't know how people work in it (landscapers, roofers, construction workers, etc.), and I don't know how people play in it (golfers, hikers, cyclists, etc.). And my poor nephews, all three of which play baseball, play in this weather. Personally, I think it's abusive to the kids; people don't let their animals stay outside in this weather, yet they'll let little kids stand under the brutal sun in polyester uniforms.

I can't think of anything more miserable than this kind of heat. I'd seriously rather have a root canal. I felt the worst for Ed, who had to unload the truck and roll up the tarps in the blazing sun. He was beet red and sweating profusely when he got back into the truck. It was so hot outside - the generator was laboring to provide us with air-conditioning - that the temperature in the sleeper never went below 81 degrees. That's sheer insanity. The minute we got home, Ed jumped in a refreshing shower, put on his pajama pants and a t-shirt, and hit the lazyboy.

We have a lot to do while we're home this time, but a lot of it involves being outside - I might just have to shelve those little chores until our next visit home - they're just not that important. On the plus side, I'm excited at the prospect of
our friends coming to visit - the tentative plans are that they'll be here Thursday through Saturday, providing everything with their load goes well. Dinner and conversation extravaganza on the horizon!

Note to anyone who is thinking about visiting Southern Arizona: a) you probably shouldn't come at all based on the sheer fact that the people who run our state are assholes, but if you do decide to come, b) don't do it in the summer. You'll be kicking yourself for not vacationing on the surface of the sun.

It's cooler there.

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Belledog said...

Sending you a cool, refreshing drink.

Something with a lot of cracked ice and maybe some lime.

At least your mom should be good for another blogpost or three.

And you've got a beautiful desertscape out there.

You could be in Oklahoma (sorry, Sooners). Or Nebraska. Or Kansas.

Project Girl said...

This made me laugh out loud:

"...people don't let their animals stay outside in this weather, yet they'll let little kids stand under the brutal sun in polyester uniforms."

ELH said...

Do you guys have a pool??

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: Send snow! I suppose I can get buy with cracked ice and a twist of lime till it gets here. As for my mother - the well continues to spew forth blog content by the minute! LOL

PG: Quite amusing, is it not? Apparently, the adults don't see the problem there.

ELH: No, we don't have a pool, but my brother does. Even with a pool, it's brutal to be in the sun, and it's not really refreshing since the pool water is always around 85 degrees from sitting in the 108 degree sun for weeks on end. And trying to get from your lounge chair TO the pool is like walking across hot coals. I'll pass. :)