Saturday, June 30, 2012

As If The Heat, The Dust, And The Politics Weren't Bad Enough

A few months ago when we were home, we had something happen to the truck which remained a mystery until tonight.

One morning, Ed went out to the truck and noticed that the hub seal caps on our steer tires (which are the two front tires of the truck) had been popped off and were lying in the dirt next to each tire.

His first thought was, sabotage. "Someone messed with my truck." he said.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"When I came out this morning, the hub seals were laying in the dirt. They were pried off the wheels. Must have been some kids." he said.

"Why would kids be messing with your truck? And if they did do it, why would they leave them right next to the wheels on the ground instead of taking them?" I said. We've had people walk through our yard as a shortcut, so it wasn't unreasonable. Unlikely, but not unreasonable.

"I don't know. Maybe they don't like that we park here." he said.

"Nah, that's not it." I said, still wondering how it was possible that they were neatly off the wheels, lying in the dirt. We never did figure it out.

Fast forward to this trip home. We parked the truck in a different spot in our driveway because
our friends were coming by to visit and we needed to be able to fit their truck in the driveway also - two semi trucks, snug as a bug in a rug.

The next morning when Ed got up, he noticed that one of the hub seal caps was off the truck again. Just one, but there it was, lying on the ground. Once again, Ed launched into his theory about how someone was "screwing with" him and his truck. Except now the reason was because there were two trucks were in the driveway. A neighbor must be pissed. Or some kid came through and decided it would be funny.

I didn't buy any of the scenarios he was coming up with. "It must be an animal." I said.

"Really? An animal?? So he just came up with his little paws and pried the hub seal off?" Ed said.

"Yeah. Somehow, an animal must be doing it; maybe he's attracted to the sweet oil smell or taste or something. What else could it be? It's not like people are sneaking around our backyard in the dark just to screw with your truck." I said. We went to bed, perplexed.

The next morning when we got up, both hub seals were off the tires and lying on the ground. Something was definitely up. I told Ed to check the video to see what it was. He immediately took a look at the footage from that evening. We went to bed pretty late, and had to get up at five to see our friends off, so there wasn't too much he had to look through.

Then, at 2:32 am local time (the clock in the video is set on Central Time, which is what we use in the truck), we discovered who the culprit was. Watch very closely...

Did you see how he gnawed at the hub seal cap until it popped off? Then he sniffed and licked? Javelinas! The saboteurs were javelinas. Just like I said. And as usual, they travel in packs. See the group of them in the background? They were probably egging him on. What a bunch of marauding hooligans!!

Once our friends found out that dangerous wild boars roamed the property - in addition to a bobcat, a mountain lion, rattlesnakes, and bees, they weren't too keen on going outside. Imagine what they're going to think when they find out our wild animals are also vandals!

Add these varmints to the dust, the brutal heat, and the hateful politics, and it makes you wonder why anyone even inhabits this godforsaken place.

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Gil said...

The grease behind the seal must have gotten so hot in that heat that your wheel was emitting a very enticing smell to the little buggers. Time to get out a little old deer rifle, but I bet a 22 is enough for the little ones.

Didn't they leave any teeth marks? Hopefully, no dust blew in there.

Ed said...

The Javelinas are the stars of the "wash" which is the dry waterway that runs behind the property. They usually just eat the garbage and left overs that people leave out. They could hurt you if you go to close to them, but they usually only come around at 3 AM so its not a problem. No dust in there and no teeth marks which is pretty remarkable for the work of a javelina. They should get a job at the TA.

ELH said...

Well I have to admit, it kinda warmed my heart to see that it was a "critter", rather than some punk kid, or one of those eco-warriors, out to vandalize someone eles property..those cameras are a real cool addition to your truck...

Ed said...

Thanks ELH, I have been trying them out in different positions and with different lenses, nightvision, definition, etc.

Anonymous said...

How funny. Javelinas will eat just about anything. When I worked at Canyon Ranch all the flower beds had little fences around them so the Javelinas would not eat them.
One night I actually saw a baby Javelina be born. I was truly a Discovery Channel moment.

Gil said...
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Gil said...

Ed, I told this story to a friend of mine in the trucking business that includes an older Freightliner. He told me that pigs love grease and will go to extremes to eat it. He told me that some farmer had just greased his honey wagon (manure spreader) and the farmer's big licked every grease fitting that they could get to clean! You would think that pigs already have enough fat!!!

fixed typo...

Ed said...

Well I will vouch for that. They love hub oil! I am just glad I don't have the same seals on all my axles or we might be having BBQ Javelina for Thanksgiving this year.