Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hunka Hunka Burning Locatelli

If it weren't for Ed, I would have walked right past this beautiful wheel of Locatelli cheese. I was so busy looking at all the other wonderful things in the store (and the cheese section) that I almost missed it. He lured me over by placing the ten pound wedge right in front of me, in the baby seat part of the cart.

This is my favorite, favorite,
FAVORITE cheese and in all of my life, I've never seen a wheel this big. The chunk on the left is 10.8 pounds. At $16.99 a pound, it comes in at a cool $183.49. I bought the little chunk next to it, a little less than a pound, for $16.48.

This doesn't last long in the truck, so I'm glad we're able to get back to the East coast often enough to replenish my stash. I seriously don't think I could live very long without it.

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Gil said...

da Bronx or the City?

all things bradbury said...

i was so sure that you were gonna say you now owned the wheel!...$1000 worth of

all things bradbury said...

btw....if you had bought it and that showed up on your visa bill during your a&e credit check....wonder what they would have thought that said about you guys???