Monday, June 04, 2012

It's Still Where The Magic Happens

My friends stayed at a hotel in what was once the bustling Garment District of New York City, known since the early 20th century as "the center for fashion manufacturing and fashion design in the United States, and even the world".

I remember hearing about this area in my late teens-early twenties when I read a lot of fashion magazines and followed designers and models like it was my job. I always thought someday, I'd be attending a show at Bryant Park during Fashion Week. I'm still waiting for that day to happen.

Marlaina confirmed how there used to be so many shops here that catered to specific needs - a shop filled only with buttons; another shop with notions like zippers, ribbons, and lace; small businesses employing tailors and talented seamstresses. Unfortunately, cheap overseas labor and production has really put a kink in the industry and this area will never be what it once was.

It's still the hot spot for designers, couture houses and showrooms and it's got that great New York history on its side. And the part I really love, is knowing that in the buildings I'm walking past, something is still happening. People are still creating. Fashion is still alive.

I wouldn't expect anything less from New York.

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Gil said...

That's where my Mom worked. She was a good seamstress and only worked for the "good houses"! I think that is the term she used or maybe, it was "better houses".

Gil said...

The new codes are almost impossible to read!