Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small Place, Big Flavor

This week we came across a little hole in the wall called Fiesta Mexicana, located in Rosedale, MD. I found it through Urban Spoon, an app on my phone that I've used many times when in an unfamiliar area.One of the biggest concerns with places like this, is parking for the truck.

Since we only had the tractor, we figured we'd have a better chance of finding a spot but once we got there, the parking was as limited as the seating. We were lucky enough to find a spot in a business across the street that had closed for the day, and made our way in. It was a brightly painted place, with only six or seven tables. The kitchen area behind the counter was in full view.
On the recommendation of the owner, we started with El Nido, a dish of black beans mixed with chorizo and served with chips. It was delicious. After that, we both had the Paquet Eduques, a combination plate. On it were two enchiladas, one quesadilla, one flauta, one sope and one taco.

The taco (shown below), made with Campechanos (chorizo and beef) and topped with cilantro, diced raw onions and lime, was my favorite. Behing the taco, you can see the edges of the Sope, which is a thick tortilla that's hand made, pinched on the rim to hold the filling of your choice (I got Carne de res - shredded beef), garnished with lettuce, crema and queso fresco. That was pretty good too - I love the fat little tortilla.

The flautas were nice and crispy, I got mine filled with chicken (but I should have ordered beef!) and they were also served with lettuce, crema and queso fresco and the Quesadilla (shown below) was a little different than what I was used to. Rather than two tortillas grilled with filling between, this was hand made from fresh corn dough, pressed into a pocket, sort of like an empanada (or and Italian calzone) that was stuffed with the filling of your choice (cheese, beans, mushrooms, roasted poblano peppers, potatoes, chicken, beef, chorizo, etc.). I had one cheese and one chicken. Topped again wtih lettuce, queso and crema fresca. I kind of liked the tortilla like this...the dough was good and I liked the crispiness of it.

The only thing we didn't try (and I think I might regret) is the Pambazo: a traditional Mexican sandwich, found on food carts throughout Mexico City and other regions of Mexico. It's made using a fresh roll, brushed with guajillo sauce (spicy red sauce), pan seared and stuffed with chorizo (sausage) and papa (potatoe), garnished with lettuce, crema fresca and queso fresco. It looked delicious from the picture on the wall.

Looks like we have something to look forward to for next time!

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